DBS International Office

Welcome to Dublin!

Thank you for choosing to study at DBS. We hope that we can help to make your transition to living and studying in Ireland an easy one.

The International Department is responsible for the ongoing support of international non-EU students at DBS, and also for the recruitment and admission of new international students to the College. We provide ongoing services to international students who are currently studying at DBS, such as: 

  • Registration and Orientation
  • Immigration Services and Advice
  • International Student Letters
  • Accommodation Advice
  • Further Study Information
  • General Advice and Support. 

Where are we?

International Student Services is located on the Ground Floor in Aungier Street:

Tel: +353 1 4170603

E-mail: intlservices@dbs.ie

Opening hours: 8:45- 17:15 Monday to Friday


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