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Student Cultural Tour | Gravediggers bus tour

by Irah Pebredo | Feb 06, 2017
Student Cultural


Thursday Evening (7-10pm)

Tickets are just €10 pp
The Gravedigger Experience:

The tour departs outside Extreme Ireland College Green Tourist office at 7.45pm. The stories start with an overview of Trinity College where your guide will transport you back some 600 years ago to when the old Augustinian Priory and of course the plague house were there. The latter of which the guide is all too familiar with…

But just ignore the coughing and listen to his tales of a plague-ravaged Dublin.

– Hear an account of plague victims trying to soothe their wounds in the waters of the city’s drinking supplies.

– Learn about the mayors schemes to try and keep the disease at bay

– And discover the fates of all those poor souls who found themselves infected with the disease. Many were ostracised, but some suffered an end much, much worse.

Many believed that the plague was the end of days, but the history of Dublin and its horrors continued.

Join your guide as he takes you through the weird and wonderful events that have taken place in times gone by, unearthing legends and ghosts from Dublin’s past. Select a tour stop from the navigation footer below to learn and read more of what to expect on the tour.

Our Student Yoga sessions kicks off again this Tuesday (4:45-5:45pm) at the Carmelite Community Centre (Aungier Street).

Check out the event tab here!
Watch the tour video below :)
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See you all there!

Tickets are just €10 pp
Contact Student Services for more information
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