Information for 20/21 Academic Year

Information for 20/21 Academic Year

Move to Level 5 Notice

Timetables and social distancing

Please review our FAQs page for more information on your timetable and impact of social distancing on your attendance in person or remotely. Every returning student will receive an email no later than the 14th September advising them which group they are in, which in conjunction with the social distancing schedules, will advise which days/weeks you will be on campus/attending remotely. We are adding to the list of socially distant schedules daily.

Important information to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 while a student at DBS (1)

Video message from the Executive Dean on returning to college in September 2020,posted 1st September

Message from Executive Dean

Please click below for more information you will receive over the coming days

What to expect during September 2020

Information for new students

First 100 days

Staying off campus?

For learners who wish to remain off campus and attend remotely, please see our FAQ section

Government Guidelines for Higher Education Institutions

Please click here for a copy of the guidelines issued to all HEIs

For Students_ What will happen if there is a suspected of confirmed case of COVID-19 at DBS


A view of DBS!

More to follow.