Information for 21/22 Academic Year

Information for 21/22 Academic Year

Timetables and social distancing

Date of update: 15th June 2021

Details are not finalised for the next academic year.
We hope to offer an in class experience for at least 50% of your classes, subject to government guidelines, which are yet to be released.
We will continue to broadcast our classes live online, even where they take place on campus, for any learners who can't attend in person for whatever reason.
Please review our FAQs page for more information.

Important information to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 while a student at DBS (1)


Information for new students

Check back for updates later during the summer.

For Students_ What will happen if there is a suspected of confirmed case of COVID-19 at DBS


Year 3 Full Time Elective Options

A view of DBS!

More to follow.