Student Toolkit

Student toolkit

First year transition is complex. Students have to organise their own learning, manage their new study & social schedules, build new friendships & social networks and adjust to the requirements & responsibility of college styles of learning & teaching. SESU hopes to ensure effective transition by supporting students in progressing to the appropriate course, settling into college life & succeeding as higher education learners. Initiatives to enhance transition include a number of talks including transition to third level education, health, wellbeing & resilience, nutrition, living in Dublin and the big smoke.

Tips to succeed in first year

Student Success Toolbox

The aim of  the Student Success Toolbox is to support transitions from thinking about study to the first weeks to increase retention and completion rates particularly for flexible learners.

The Student Success Toolbox  project is supported by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning Building Digital Capacity fund.

First 100 Days

100 days 1
100 days 1
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Attendance Matters

Attendance Matters highlights the findings of a Student Attendance Review for the Academic Year 2015/16 conducted by Dr. Garry Prentice & Shane O’Regan. SESU stresses the importance that every lecture counts and we encourage students to attend all classes, tutorials & seminars that take place across the college year. As per GNIB regulations, International students require a minimum of 85% attendance. 

Attendance 2 image
Attendance 2 image

Common Read

The Common Read provides new students with a shared, intellectually engaging experience and an introduction to academic life at Dublin Business School.

We are excited to announce that the 2018 Common Read is: 

by Ola Rosling

2017 Common Read was: 

If Ever You Go
A Map of Dublin in Poetry and Song

This is a collection of poems, ballads and songs from a range of literary luminaries connected with Dublin.

If ever you go