Welcome to the DBS Careers Team

The DBS Careers Team have a wide network of employer contacts in both large multinational and SME businesses, both in Ireland and Overseas.  We actively engage with employers to establish the core skills that they seek from graduates. This is then feedback into our Academic Programmes. 

Whether you are thinking about getting a part time job for some extra money while studying or wondering what career options you will have as a graduate the Team is here to help.

The careers service can help with

  • Career Choices
  • Gaduate Opportunities
  • CVs and Cover Letters
  • Job Search
  • Interview Techniques
  • Further Study

You can get careers guidance by

  • Booking a 30 minute appointment
  • Emailing your query to careerdevelopment@dbs.ie
  • Dropping into the careers office
  • Attending a careers seminar


Email: careerdevelopment@dbs.ie
Telephone: 0 1 4177530