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1.    Undergraduate Students- Previously Registered with INIS- Progressing to year 2 or later, resident in Dublin City or County

a.    Register on and complete the progressing undergraduate online application.

b.    Scan all requested documents

                                               i.     Copy of biographical page of passport,

                                              ii.     College registration renewal letter,

                                            iii.     Previous year’s results,

                                            iv.     Medical insurance, and,

                                             v.     A scan of your current IRP card.

c.     Pay the €300 registration fee online. 

d.    Send the following documents by registered post

e.    your original indate passport

f.      your original IRP card

g.    a copy of the application acknowledgement e-mail.

h.    Student Renewal Applications Unit
13-14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
D02 XK70