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Insta-Live this week

Another week filled with fun and interesting topics, including Student Life, Welfare Series, Alumni Talks, Sports Programme and much more!

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Online Innovation Sprint

Take part in our 2020 Online Innovation Sprint!

✅€200 prize✅
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online innovation sprint

This intramural event is open to all students at DBS, where you will be tasked at using your current knowledge, technical skills and intuition to solve a current problem. Students will be asked to form teams of no more than FIVE people. Each team will be tasked with creating their own solution to the proposed problem and will present their work and pitch their idea to a panel of academic and industry judges at the end of the event. The winning team will receive a monetary prize for their successful pitch.

The problem will be announced on Friday June 26th and the submissions will be made video by July 3rd. More information to follow:

What you need to know:
- There will a limit to 12 teams of 5 students (60 students MAX).
- This exciting event will be delivered ONLINE. The briefing will be held on Zoom and submissions pitched to us via YouTube.
- Teams will be expected to have a capacity for research, business strategy, marketing, business planning and a general understanding of the future learning environment.
- Please note that some video editing will be required as part of your submission (choose your team wisely).
- DBS alumni are welcome to enter teams.

Sign up here.


Join our 2020/21 Peer Mentor Programme!

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We are currently recruiting for Student Mentors to join our 2020/21 Peer Mentor Programme. If you are a student at DBS this coming year, want access to Leadership Training and to have a great network around them, then we want to hear from you.

Apply for the 2020/21 Peer Mentor Programme by clicking here.

The winner of the DBS Create Competition announced!

Congradulations to Kiri Christensen who is the winner of the DBS Journalism Society's 'Create Competition'. Kiri's story 'Hope' has a well written and powerful message behind it . Her story is an optimistic one about her journey into postgraduate education and we are delighted to share it with you. Please enjoy a passage from her story below.
"Life will repeatedly bring forth challenges and struggles, leaving a person with no choice of incidents crossing your path. However, you may choose to find hope".....

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Hope by Kiri Christensen

I have, at times, found myself feeling lost with little hope in the mist of the expectations
that was laid upon me - by society, work, family and myself. As a young adult, I have
experienced feeling overwhelmed at a young age. What will I do? Where should I go? Will
I ever fulfill my dreams? The "quarter-life crises" have become a known phenomenon of
young adults in their twenties and concurrently the markers of becoming a successful
adult have become obliterated. In recent years, higher educations have focused on
curricular-based performances rather than focus on the learning of the student. As a
student, the constant pressured is ever present. However, some see a hopeful future at
the end of theirs studies and hope becomes a guiding light.

I finished my bachelor's degree with all the hopes ahead of me of a new career. As a
newly graduate in a modern society, I met a labour market with an overload of
graduates and a limitation in available jobs. I welcomed most chances of building my
resume. A desire to want to fulfill all of my dreams, yet struggling to differ dreams from
expectations, can make a young adult wilder. I dedicated myself to work. I became
hopeful about starting a career path that I would build on.

I found myself at a standstill a few years later. I was applying for new and more
challenging positions, hopeful that my resume would be evidence of my commitment to
my career and work ethic. I was met with much disappointment. Without a
postgraduate degree, I was not considered for the positions regardless of my years of
work. Feeling defeated by societal expectations, I became weary that the constant battle
for success would be never ending.

I returned to school and started pursuing a postgraduate degree - merely out of
necessity rather than desire, initially. However, it brought me hope that I would be able
to follow my dreams of building a strong career, as it seemed that the lack of it was
holding me back from moving forward. Diving into my studies has shed a new sense of
hope - and a different hope. We all need hope. Hope allows for a continuous light to
shine in the dark. We may not be able to see where the path will lead us but the path is
lit ahead. In my attempt to create a place for myself, I had lost sight of hope and I had
forgotten the nature of hope: Hope is active. I must choose to hope. There is a fine line
between hope and optimism - and optimism becomes the basis for motivation.
Continuing to hope enlightens moments of optimism. Life will repeatedly bring forth
challenges and struggles, leaving a person with no choice of incidents crossing your
path. However, you may choose to find hope - whether within yourself or extrinsically.

Regardless, the choice of hope is yours. My current hope is my education. What is


Accommodation for 2020/21 with DBS.

Are you are studying with DBS this coming semester and are looking for accommodation? 
Click the link below to find out more about our student residency at the Point Campus.

Accommodation at DBS


Learner Guide to Online Exams

The Learner guide to online exams contains information on the timetables, exam schedule and type in the light of current events, as well as best exam preparation practices. In case you have any questions, you can also refer to the frequently asked questions section inside this resource pack too. 

Click below to get started and all the best with your exams!

Front page - learner guide to online exams


Student Supports are available ONLINE between 9am - 5pm

Join us daily from 9am (1)

Our Support Services Team will be available ONlLINE everyday between 9am-5pm to help out with various issues. We invite students to 'Click In' with your queries, questions or even just to say hello 👋 to the Student Experience Team this week 😇

Connect with  our support team by clicking below:

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DBS Launches 'Live Online Learning Help Sessions' (Weekdays from 9:30am)

We are delighted to announce that our support team will be running daily 'Live Online Learning Help Sessions' throughout the week to support all of your learning queries. Questions around using moodle, accessing online resources and engaging with your lecturers can be answered here by a dedicated staff member. Click below at 9:30am each weekday to connect with us!

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Additionally, our support team have launched a 'Tips for Learners Learning Online' page through moodle, which will offer you all information on overcoming various challenges, such as managing your time while studying in isolation and how to interact with your lecturer and classmates.

Click the start button to learn more.

Tips for learners


The importance of making the most of the last two weeks of term

With the term coming to a close in less than two weeks, you will have CA deadlines looming and exams to start preparing for. Here is a quick update from the DBS Students' Union on the importance of making the most of the last two weeks of our academic term!

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Marko Tomic (MBA Finance) Crowned Men's Division 1 MVP for 2020


We are delighted to announce that Marko Tomic, who is completing an MBA in finance at Dublin Business School, has been crowned the Most Valuable Player of the Men's Division 1 2019/20 season. This is the first time in DBS history that one of our students has been selected as MVP of the illustrious Men's Division 1.This announcement was made by the NBCC (National Basketball Colleges Competitions) earlier this week and caps off an incredible few weeks for Marko and our men's team too. 

Congratulations to Marko and the rest of the DBS team on a terrific season and good luck to everyone with the upcoming exams!


The Learner Learning Online Guide - Available on Moodle


The new 'Learning Online Guide', which is available now on moodle provides you with tonnes of information on how to locate and view a video lecture online. These resources cover essential information like how to use Zoom and how to interact online with your lecturer and classmates. It also provides guidance and support on various technical issues.

Click the start button below to learn more. 

Learning Online

DBS Student Podcast.

DBS Student Podcast is a series of discussions about college life in our college, hosted by SU Ents crew member Denver Nota. Check out his first in a four part series here!

DBS Music Society.

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Check out our amazing Music soc in action a few weeks ago!
We look forward to seeing them playing some tunes for us again, in the future.

Song - Sittin'on the dock of the bay. 

DBS Journalism Society.

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Hear from Lea about the upcoming DBS Journalism Society's "Create Competition".
Join in by doing one of the following:

Write an article.
Create a podcast.
Make a video.

Open until 9th April. More info available here:
Best of luck to all who enter. Some great prizes up for grabs!

Exam Prep Week Tips - DBS SU Education Team (Episode 2) Creating a Study Environment

Episode 2 of our Exam Prep Week Tips brings us to the important topic of creating an effective study space while at home. As we are all learning online for a period of time Grainne Walsh, our SU Education Officer has put together some really practical tips to make sure you make the most of your space and maintain good sleep hygiene too. We hope this helps!

To see more of our Exam Tips Series, please check out our online Education Corner for all of the advice and tips you need on getting started for the upcoming exams.

Remember for all updates across Dublin Business School keep an eye on -

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Launch of the new Common Room (Online)


Welcome to the "Virtual Common Room". Although the Coronavirus has closed DBS Buildings The Common Room will continue to be the Hub of Student Life in the College. Visit the page to find out what is going on and how your fellow students are coping without you!

Click here - to check out our Education Corner for tips and advice on getting started for the upcoming exams!

We will be updating the Student Well-Being Corner with regular updates on how you can look after yourself and stay healthy during the online learning period.

Looking After Your Personal Welfare while Working from Home Video

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! A message from our students

Home Study Tips! A short cartoon

SU VP Welfare Emma: 5 Tips to Stay Busy and Mentally Healthy! 

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Here's our advice on becoming an Online Student with DBS

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