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Online Class Rep Training for Spring 2021 Announced!



Tuesday Feb 9th (5:30-7pm) / Register here!

Monday Feb 22nd (5:30-7pm) / Register here!


Tuesday Feb 16th (5:30-7pm) / Register here!

Wednesday Feb 24th (5:30-7pm) / Register here!

Please log into Zoom for the training session 10 minutes before the advertised start time.  

Crash Course Training available for Class Reps who did miss the training. You can arrange this by contacting our VP for Education at [email protected] 

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More information about NStEP and the National Student Engagement Programme:

The National Student Engagement Programme, known as NStEP, will be running its Introductory Class Rep Training for undergraduate reps at DBS! This training is designed to introduce new reps to key concepts and practical tools to help them succeed in the role. Hundreds of student representatives across Ireland participate every year, and 97% say they would recommend the training to other reps!   

NStEP's Training covers four key areas:  

  1. Student engagement and partnership in the context of the student rep role  
  2. The Student Learning Experience tool, and how it can be used to gather and evaluate feedback from your class  
  3. The class rep feedback cycle  
  4. Strategies for communicating feedback effectively  

Training is peer-led by NStEP’s team of student trainers, each of whom are experienced in a variety of contexts relating to student engagement and student representation.  Visit https://studentengagement.ie/meet-the-student-trainers/ to meet NStEP’s student trainers. 

There are four training sessions for undergrad being held over Zoom.  Please choose the one that best fits your schedule.  In order to attend you will need to register online through Eventbrite using the link below.