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This page is set up as a platform to offer students advice and tips on how to make the most of your learning experience at Dublin Business School.

This corner will be populated by videos, tutorials, and useful links that will help support you during your time at Dublin Business School.

More importantly as we have temporarily shifted our teaching online, this corner will serve as an important resource for you as you prepare for the upcoming exams period.

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Learner Guide to Online Exams

The Learner guide to online exams contains information on the timetables, exam schedule and type in the light of current events, as well as best exam preparation practices. In case you have any questions, you can also refer to the frequently asked questions section inside this resource pack too.

Click below to get started and all the best with your exams!

Front page - learner guide to online exams


Student Experience advice on getting ready for the ONLINE exams!

With the end of term exams about to kick off, here are some practical tips from the Student Experience Team on how you can be better prepared for your ONLINE exams!
Good luck to everyone and embrace the challenge!

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DBS Launches 'Live Online Learning Help Sessions' (Weekdays from 9:30am)

We are delighted to announce that our support team will be running daily 'Live Online Learning Help Sessions' throughout the week to support all of your learning queries. Questions around using moodle, accessing online resources and engaging with your lecturers can be answered here by a dedicated staff member. Click below at 9:30am each weekday to connect with us!

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Additionally, our support team have launched a 'Tips for Learners Learning Online' page through moodle, which will offer you all information on overcoming various challenges, such as managing your time while studying in isolation and how to interact with your lecturer and classmates.

Click the start button to learn more.

Learning Online


The importance of making the most of the last two weeks of term

With the term coming to a close in less than two weeks, you will have CA deadlines looming and exams to start preparing for. Here is a quick update from the DBS Students' Union on the importance of making the most of the last two weeks of our academic term!

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The Learner Learning Online Guide - Available on Moodle

The new 'Learning Online Guide', which is available now on moodle provides you with tonnes of information on how to locate and view a video lecture online. These resources cover essential information like how to use Zoom and how to interact online with your lecturer and classmates. It also provides guidance and support on various technical issues.

Click the start button below to learn more. 

Learning Online

Exam Prep Tip Series with the DBS SU Education Team:


Exam Prep Week Tips - DBS SU Education Team (Episode 1 - Ruairi Devlin)

Good morning all, this week is EXAM PREP week at DBS. As we are all learning online at the moment, our SU Education have put together some easy online tips to get you started, organised and ready for the upcoming Exams at Dublin Business School. Episode 1 is from your VP for Education Ruairi Devlin.

Remember to keep an eye on students.dbs.ie for all updates at DBS.

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Exam Prep Week Tips - DBS SU Education Team (Episode 2 - Creating a Study Environment with Grainne Walsh)

Episode 2 of our Exam Prep Week Tips brings us to the important topic of creating an effective study space while at home. As we are all learning online for a period of time Grainne Walsh, our SU Education Officer has put together some really practical tips to make sure you make the most of your space and maintain good sleep hygiene too. We hope this helps!

Remember for all updates across Dublin Business School keep an eye on - https://students.dbs.ie/

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Exam Prep Week Tips - DBS SU Education Team (Episode 3 - Developing a Study Timetable with Justice Ira):

Episode 3 of our Exam Prep Week Tips covers Developing an effective Study Timetable that you can stick to! Justice who is a Senior Peer Mentor and is responsible for the DBS Computer Society, give practical advice on getting ready for the upcoming exams and make sure your timetable fits your needs!

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Exam Prep Week Tips - DBS SU Education Team (Episode 4 - Using Past Exam Papers with Marcus Strimbu):

Episode 4 of our Exam Prep Week Tips covers the important topic of exploring past exam papers. Marcus who is a final year Accounting and Finance student and also the VP of our Business Society, offers his advice on maximizing your preparation for the upcoming exams through reviewing the past papers. We hope this practical advice helps you along your journey in getting set your exams.

Good luck!

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