Humans of DBS

Humans of DBS:


Everyone has a story and our stories all have something in common —we look for the links that connect us.

This page is a photoblog of student lives in and out of Dublin Business School. We hope to us this as a platform to share the journeys and lives of our students and offer advice and tips on how to make the most of your learning experience at Dublin Business School.

People want to hear stories. They want to hear your stories — they want to know where you are from, what we are doing, what you love, and where we are going. HUMANS OF DBS is the place for these stories. We hope that this page will offer students a glimpse into the personalities and people behind the student numbers. 

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Lisa Duncan (Student of the Year 2020)

"I was born in the city of Dublin and grown up all my life in Dublin city which I loved.
I have had many animals over the years but my favourite was “Molly” a Yorkshire terrier.

There is a story all my family remind me of from time to time which is so funny and never fails for a laugh. Where I grew up there was a construction site that was building new houses. It was all fenced off but had a guard dog there all the time. I went to the shop one day for sweets; I always felt the dog was lonely. I got into my head that I needed to bring the dog home. So I brought the dog home with me. My dad came to see where I was and found me in my bedroom with a large Rottweiler, which by all accounts didn’t like my dad. He couldn’t get into my room because the dog didn’t like him. My dad then marched me down to the Foreman of the site. All of the builders were looking for the dog. They all explaining to me while I was crying my eyes out wanting to keep the dog that all of them played with the dog each day. I was told I could visit each day but to not take the dog out again. They were all pretty amazed as no builder would go near the dog as he was a very angry dog. I loved him anyway.

My favourite subject in school was history; I played Gaelic and was on the cross country running team.
This will show my age now but my favourite band was Backstreet boys..

When I was a teen I absolutely loved motorbikes, quads and scramblers. Every weekend I would go out on my scramblers with all my friends.. To this day I love them, only now I ride quads.

I am most proud of being a mother and able to accomplish and succeed in gaining a Law degree. It has not been an easy journey but I enjoy every minute.

My biggest fan I would say is my fellow Law student Justin Momoh, every day he drops me a line to check in, he will always be the baby in my eyes.

The main lesson I have learnt in life is not to be too serious and sometimes circumstances are out of our control. I have learnt to go with it and just enjoy the people around me for whatever that time may be and enjoy my journey here."

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