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Seapoint & Blackrock Village

If you want to make the most of your day off, Adam from the Student Experience Team is going to tell you how you can do it right on the south side! Seapoint & Blackrock are two beautiful locations that are located close together and will not only have your Instagram poppin’, but it will give you a great day out too, if you plan it right.

Sea swimming and cold water immersion are real trends of the Irish community these days and it is the best way to kick start your weekend! The physical and social benefits are something that is really magical and offers the brave a meaningful experience! Seapoint is one of the most relaxing places in Dublin to take a dip as it’s paved platforms are super nice to walk on after you take in the iconic panoramic views from above. The ramps here make it a really safe space to enter the water and you will meet people of all ages here (even during the winter period).

The water may be colder than the feedback on your last assignment, so if you’re brave enough to take the plunge during high tide, do it! If it’s your first time you can take the ramp, however the slow walk in may leave it cursing your decisions to set your alarm that morning! We suggest you try and manage 2-3 minutes in the water if you can and some deep breaths will help you cope with the shock after the first 30 seconds. 

Be sure to stick some extra layers in your backpack, so that after you’ve dried off and taken that killer post swim “selfie”, go and soak up the positive vibes around the cove at Seapoint. But you’ll probably want to get warm, and there is no better way to do this by going for a nice cup of coffee & a chat with your besties at lovely Blackrock Village. 

The walk should take around 20 mins and the new active walkway there will bring you the centre of Blackrock, where you can hit places like Bear Market and the Mellow Fig. Be sure to use the outdoor benches nearby and enjoy the hustle and bustle of this lovely little village. After you’ve had your fill and caught up on the latest episode of Emily in Paris, you’ll be ready to head over to the nearby Blackrock Market, which has over 30 eclectic stalls art, jewelry, home décor and of course delicious deserts!

Suggested itinerary: 

Get up early and take the bike if you can! If you’re coming from the city centre, take the coastal route out to Seapoint via Ringsend. This will bring you on an epic scenic route along Sandymount where you can see the beauty of Dublin Bay. You can also take the DART here as well if needed, but you'll miss out on the scenes. Make sure there’s an early tide so you can make the most of your time there (you will be disappointed if there’s a low tide). The best experience is usually a sunrise swim, which will leave you feeling more productive than your unrealistic exams study schedule. 

Pro-tip from Adam in the Student Experience Team:
 "Make sure you check the tide times before you set off. You can get more information on the tides by clicking here. Don’t forget the extra layers and arrive with your swimwear on. Maybe bring a flask of hot tea if you fancy hanging around Seapoint for a bit! Oh and jump straight in if you can!"

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We hope you enjoy your day out at Seapoint & Blackrock and if you are brave enough to take a dip don’t forget to tag us in your photos with your friends @dbstudentexperience