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🌱♻ Green Campus Week 🌱♻

by Irah Pebredo | Nov 30, 2016
Green Campus Week

Green Campus Week 2016
Monday 28th Nov - Friday 2nd Dec

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What is the purpose of our Green Campus Week?

To make Dublin Business School a greener and more sustainable place to work and study.




To encourage the staff and students of DBS to incorporate 'Green Campus' themed initiatives into their daily routine.

To communicate with the DBS staff, students and the wider community to raise awareness on how to conserve energy, reduce waste and recycle better on a daily basis.

To actively educate our staff and students around global warming, CO2 emissions and their role in creating a more sustainable world for everyone.



  • Waste reduction & recycling

  • Utilizing technology

  • Energy conservation

  • Greener transportation

  • Printing efficiency 

So what exactly is Global Warming?

Global warming is the gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants.

What are the effects of 'Global Warming'

Global warming is damaging the Earth's climate as well as the physical environment. One of the most visible effects of global warming can be seen in the Arctic as glaciers, permafrost and sea ice are melting rapidly. Global warming is harming the environment in several ways including:

  • Desertification
  • Increased melting of snow and ice
  • Sea level rise
  • Stronger hurricanes and cyclones
Thinking how we at DBS contribute to CO2 emissions.
As Ireland's largest provider of third level education, we have our role to play in monitoring how we produce CO2 and various other pollutions into the environment, as well trying to be more conservative with our daily energy habits. With the large number of students we have and the nature of what we do, our college offers a considerable amount of CO2 emissions and other pollutions on a daily basis. Although CO2 production is inevitable for most organisations, we can be more efficient and 'Greener' in what we do. Let's raise the bar.

Flicking off the lights on the way out, turning off projectors, recycling properly and keeping the A/C off are just basic ways to kick start the movement in-house at DBS.
Since the start of the 2016/17 academic term we have printed nearly 2,000,000 individual pages at DBS (staff & students). 2,000,000 individual pages. That's not including CO2 production to power each machine, the heat each of them produce and the ink required to make these pages happen. This figure is very alarming. So to give you a better understanding of this level of this out put let us break the CO2 emissions down for you:

2,000,000 pages = 124 trees and around 16,000 kg of CO2
16,000 kg of CO2 is equal to the following:
  • A 747 could fly for 30.30 minutes non-stop
  • An average car could be driven for 25.90 days non-stop
  • The energy use of an average house could be met for 449 days
  • A 42 inch LCD TV could be used for 10.94 years continuously
We can be smarter.
We can be greener.
We can make a difference. 

Small steps, can lead to a big impact! 

Start today!
Here's what you said

Name: Rachel Akemba
Course: Business Marketing
From: Congo

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’I would like to reduce how much that I am printing’’
Name: Osaretin
Course: Bachelor in Accounting & Finance 3rd year
From: Nigeria

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’To contribute to Green Campus Week, I will turn off the lights after lectures finishes up’’
Name:(L-R)  Charlotte, Marvin & Sarah
Course: Bachelor in Business 3rd year x 3
From: All from France 

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
Charlotte - ‘’To try to print less and to recycle food at home and college too’’

Marvin - ‘’ To add to Charlotte’s idea, I would also turn off the A/C during class time’’

Sarah‘’ Agree, I wouldn’t use an air conditioner during the winter season. I also would to try to roll blinds up, so you don’t need to keep the l
ights on during the day’’
Name: Yamuna & Jack
Course: Bachelor in Social Psychology 1st year x 2
From: Malaysia & Ireland

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:

Yamuna - ‘’I think I’m trying to be as Green as possible in ways, such as walking to college instead taking the bus, I don’t waste food, and I encourage everyone to stop wasting it! Finally, I use reusable to go cups too’’

Jack - ‘’I do too, I take public transport and I recycle. Thinking long term, there
 is a big carbon dioxide emission problem worldwide, that needs to be tackled head on. We can all do our part’’
Name: Yaqin & Shafinas
Course: Professional Accountancy - ACCA
x 2

From: Malaysia x 2

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:

Yaqin - ’ In Malaysia, the last student leaving the class always turn offs the lights, but in Ireland it’s not common, so I would encourage everyone to be more conscious about it’’

Shafinas - ‘’ My contribution is, by buying local produce and walking to college everyday’’
Name: Gam
Course: Bachelor in Business Accounting 3rd year

From: Philippines

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:

‘’ I have a great idea! By planting trees, we make world’s air cleaner. This is something I am passionate about. I would also encourage people to turn off lights once they don’t use the facilities ’’
Name: Tamara, Michael & Laura
Course: Bachelor in Business 1st year x 3

From: Ireland x 3

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:

Tamara - ’ I would contribute to Green week, by turning off AC in the class’’

Michael - ’ There is an idea! I would charge my laptop and phone at home, so there is no need to waste energy in the college’’

Laura  - ‘’ I will stop taking notes from lecturers, and instead will use my iPad’’

Name: Derek
Role: Academic Administrator at DBS

From: Ireland

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’ The IT manager in DBS helps to educate staff to reduce printing. I personally recycle, close windows and turn off heating when leaving house’’
Name: Gabriella
Role: QAF Officer at DBS

From: Romania/Ireland

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’ Whenever I leave college after work, I make sure printers are turned off and if I am not the last one, I ask someone else to make sure they are not connected to the power socket, as it consumes enormous amount of energy’’
Name: Paul
Role: Lecturer in Social Science at DBS

From: Ireland

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’ I try to keep document printing to a minimum and I also recycle at home and in DBS’’
Name: Annette
Role: Lecturer in Social Science at DBS

From: Denmark

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’ I also, try printing less prior my class, and encouraging students to join me on that. We should make attempts, to not leave projectors on when not in use too.’’
Name: Susan
Role: Lecturer & Program Leader at DBS

From: Ireland

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’ I tell my students to not keep lights on during the day, as the eyes have ability to adapt to the given light, and the natural light is much healthier for vision, also contributing in reducing excessive energy waste’’
Name: Rebecca 
Role: Student Abroad Officer (Student Services) at DBS

From: Ireland/Canada

What are you going to do for Green Campus week:
‘’ Everyday I walk to and from the work in attempt to help environment and stay healthy. On my lunch I eat locally, and don’t use plastic cutlery’’
Even Eddie's gone all green everything for our Green Campus Week! 

What will you be doing?????
Don't forget to get one of our re-usable DBS travel mugs! 

Here are some simple but meaningful ideas to get you started:

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