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Close of term for the 2016 / 2017 Student Union

by Irah Pebredo | May 31, 2017
The end of their SU journey.. 
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The end of their
SU journey..

Student's Union 2016 / 2017

Their experiences, triumphs and challenges 
What a year it has been for our Student Union Team at DBS.
Now that the guys are at the end of their term, the Student Experience Team would like to take a look back on some of the highlights of this years Student Union from their perspective. 

A Recap of their Year

President - Emma O'Sullivan 
BA Business (Law)
What made you apply in the SU?
"I aimed to create an environment that each and every student (both Irish and international) could enjoy and to further develop the Student Union and create closer ties with other third level institutions."
Emma is a social and well rounded person who enjoyed expanding her network not just within DBS but also outside our campus. "I thoroughly enjoyed the sociability aspect of my role as president of our students. I became friends with students from such culturally diverse backgrounds and it truly broadened my own perspective.."

Emma's role as president allowed her to continually learn more about other nationalities and their mindsets as well as developing "a well rounded attitude and acceptance our these inherent differences."
What will you miss most within the SU?
"I will miss the ever-present family spirit and sense of belonging that exists within the SU and throughout DBS."
Vice President - James Roberts
James will be going on to his final year of Psychology this coming September and will also be joining the SU for the term 2017/2018 as an Ents Officer. 
James applied to be part of the SU because he wanted to "Make a difference within the college." 
Describe your experience in three words.
"Biggest confidence boost"

What lesson did being part of the SU teach you?
"Respect of different opinions." Working within such a diverse team can often be difficult. James explained that respect is a key foundation in communication and it is one of the biggest lessons that he will take from being part of this years SU. 
What will you miss most within the SU?
"The other SU members
Ents Team  - Gabriela Murillo Valdes
Marketing (Digital Media)
Gabriela will be graduating after 3 years from DBS and she has also applied for the Student Experience Internship commencing on August. 

Why made you apply in the SU?
"I decided to apply for the SU because I though it was a fun way to socialize and get work experience."
Most of the student Union when asked what the best event or best week they've organised this year, their answer was the International Trip. Gabriela had put forward this idea in her interview for the SU and she feels like it has been one of the biggest contribution she's had in the SU. 

However, her favourite week was the International Week that was held last November. "I worked hard that week and it was really satisfying to see how the international fair was such as success. It was an event to remember where everyone got involved and we could learn from other nationalities."

For Gabriela, the most enjoyable part of her role was networking and having the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. "I am a really extroverted person, so for me meeting people and dealing with the students was the best part of my role."
What advice would you give the new SU that will be entering your role?
"Be proactive. If you think something is a good idea, don't wait for someone to ask you, develop the plan and set goals for it."
Ents Team  - Dayo Ojo
Business Information
Dayo has been one of the longest students from the SU in DBS. Dayo started in DBS in 2009 and then moved to do a program in IT Tallaght. He eventually returned to his spiritual education home in DBS after a few years to finish his degree in Business Information. All going well, Dayo will successfully graduate in November along with other members of the SU.

Dayo was a a key players in this years SU team. He brought so much energy to the college and was always promoting, networking and going above and beyond in his role and according to Dayo, the one thing he will miss most is the people of DBS. 

 What advice would you give the new SU that will be entering your role?
"Be yourself, give it 110% and enjoy every experience of it." 
Ents Team  - Pamela Joyce Orani
Social Studies
"What made you apply to the SU?"
"Firstly, I wanted to offer my knowledge and experiences for the role. Secondly, I applied because I wanted to enhance my skills and gain more experience."

Likewise, Pamela had to be comfortable in networking and communicating as this was a huge part of being an entertainment officer. "The most enjoyable part of my role was getting to know new people in and outside the college."

What lesson did being part of the SU teach you?
"To be proactive."

Describe your year in 3 words.
"Remarkable. Rewarding. Challenging."
Sports Club Officer  - Daniel Forde
Dan will be completing his final year in Psychology on September. He will be taking position as the new SU President and will be leading the new 2017/18 team. 

What made you apply to the SU?
"I wanted to improve my overall college life, change my opinion of DBS because I didn't really enjoy first year as much as I could have."  

After joining the SU, Dan has been actively involved with the majority of the events and activities and is an example of how the experience changed his perception of the student life in DBS.

Describe the most enjoyable part of your role.
"Getting involved in all of the various sports teams, working with the rest of the SU and seeing things change in DBS!"

What lesson did being part of the SU teach you?
"You can't do everything on your own."
Societies Officer  - Anne Meegan
Business (Law)
Anne too will be joining some of the SU that will be graduating in November. She has also applied to be part of the Student Experience Team for the coming year!

What made you apply to the SU?
"To gain new skills and take full advantage of the college experience." Oftentimes, students perceive their college life as a fleeting phase in their lives. They forget that there are plenty to learn and experience outside of the four corners of the classroom. Anne has been involved in numerous events since her first year in DBS and wanted to make her college experience unforgettable.

Describe the most enjoyable part of your role.
"Getting to run great events and collaborate with other students and societies for things like the sports day. Seeing how successful they all are really pleased me and knowing all our hard work was for something"

What would you miss mot about being part of the SU?
"The group we had! We all got on so well together and I'm privileged to have been a member of the group. We've made so many memories together."
PR/ Communication Officer  - James Bourke
Business in Marketing
James too was not involve in many events in his previous years in DBS. After joining the SU, James has become more open and active with the various events and activities throughout the year. James too, will be part of the SU crew as a General Officer this upcoming term.

What made you apply to the SU?
"I wanted to get more involved with college life and know more people within the college."

Describe the most challenging part of your role.
"Listening to Adam!"

What advice would you give the new SU entering your role?
"Put the effort into your work and you will enjoy it so much better."

Describe the most enjoyable part of your role.
"The fact that no 2 days were the same, everyday was so interesting and fun in its own way."
International Officer  - Egidija Danileviciute
3rd Year BA Business
Egidija was the only part-time student member of the SU. Throughout the year, Egidija represented the SU in various class reps meetings and have been actively involved in improving mental health in DBS. Egidija will be part of the SU crew for the upcoming year!

What made you apply to the SU?
"I was thirsty for new experience and the fact, that the role will help me to improve my skills for future employment. I also wanted to be involved in DBS in a deeper level, than just being a college student here for evening classes. I felt I had great skills to help students and staff."

Describe the most enjoyable part of your role.
"The best part was being able to talk to new international students and staff, and help them out! It's so rewarding to give your voluntary time and make a huge impact in peoples well being. I also went outside my comfort zone, and learned how to deal with unexpected situations. I grew as a person so much, its incredible and am grateful for the opportunity! More-some, I loved participating in events that helped to raise students consciousness."

What would you miss most about being part of the SU?
"I love personal growth, testing my limits and participating in new projects. I also enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about international full time students, they lead completely different lifestyle than those who are studying part time.
Ents Crew (Volunteer) - Alexis Gumpo
1st Year Accounting and Finance
Alexis was part of the Ents Crew along with Gaby, Dayo and Pam. She has been to almost all of the events that were organised and has won the Student Volunteer of the Year award at the end of year Student Awards Event. Alexis will be taking position in the SU as Ents Officer this coming term! 

Describe the most enjoyable part of your role.
"Organising events for the students is the most enjoyable part for me."

What would you miss most about being part of the SU?
"I will miss the members that were part of the SU because of the bond we shared as a group."

Describe your experience in three words.
"Greatest Year Ever"

Your Upcoming Student Union 

Daniel Forde - President
Perri Reed - Vice President
Sam Butler Bolton - Societies Officer
Zeeshan Javed - Sports Officer
Alexis Gumpo - Entertainment Officer
James Roberts - Entertainment Officer
Emirjeta Doda - Entertainment Officer
Maria Hunt - Welfare Officer
Stefany Firera - Student Affairs/International Officer 
James Bourke - General Officer
Adetuji Openiyi - Digital Marketing Officer
James Bourke - General Officer

Christophe Buckley
Abdullah  Alhurainan
Sangeeta  Negi
Ellen  Nolan
Jessica  Flynn
Shreyas  Markapuram
John  Coker
Aman  Potdar
Egidija  Danileiciute
Irvin Gamede
A thank you message from the Student Experience Team:
It has been an unforgettable year for the guys and for DBS too. The energy and spirit from our SU team has certainly aided in our department achieving the Best Student Experience of 2017 at the recent Education Awards. This being a major success story and milestone for Dublin Business School.

On behalf of the Student Experience Team and Dublin Business School too we wish to thank the entire 2016/17 Student Union Team for all their hard work, volunteering and positive attitudes throughout this academic year. Without these guys around we would not have the amazing student community and culture we have in DBS. Each of the guys have been a credit to their roles and have represented the SU team with such dignity and respect.

We will surely miss each of you and on behalf of the Student Experience team, we wish you all the very best of luck in your future endeavors as the leaders of tomorrow!

All the best.

Adam Crowther,

Student Experience Officer
Dublin Business School
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