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ISM Company Visits

by User Not Found | Sep 27, 2017
On September 6th, we took 35 students from ISM in Germany to IBM for a company visit.
The first part of the programme was a presentation explaining how IBM had to switch from making physical computers to being the software company they are now. They also explained a lot of their software projects and where they see themselves going in the future. The second part was a very detailed presentation on Watson, IBM's cognitive system, which was very well received. The last part focused on Cyber Security and the risks that we all face and some of the more recent hacking events that have taken place, how they worked and how they were defeated.
ISM IBM  ISM Cocacola
On September 13th , 20 students visited Coca Cola in Armagh.
The first portion of the visit was a short film detailing the history of Coca Cola both in America and the  eventual arrival of the bottling plant in Northern Ireland.
They also had an extensive tour above the factory floor, where they were able to see many of the production lines, from the creation of the bottles, to the cleaning, filling and storage of the finished product, which fascinated many of the students who were interested in manufacturing. they also got more free  Coca Cola than they could possibly drink!!
Many thanks to Rachel O'Farrell, Alan Morgan and Rebecca Mathews for helping organise the trips. Also a massive shout-out to Shelly O'Neill, part-time DBS student and Commercial EaTB Manager for CocaCola HBC.