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International Students- Possible Fraud

by Shane Mooney | May 23, 2019

It has come to our attention that some students have been contacted by telephone by a person purporting to be from INIS.  The caller I.D. number that displays is a real INIS number and the caller directs people to the website address and indeed the number will appear, on the face of it, to be legitimate.

The caller tells the person that they are the subject of a Deportation Order from the authorities in their country of origin and that they face deportation that day. They are told that INIS is acting on behalf of their own Government to recoup an administration payment which will prevent their immediate deportation. This payment is to be made to an account in their country of origin.

  • This is an attempted fraud.
  • INIS does not and will not contact applicants by telephone in relation to any such payments to accounts abroad. 
  • INIS does not under any circumstances request payment for its services over the telephone.
  • Please be vigilant. 
  • Do not give details of your immigration application or status to telephone callers unless you are sure who they are.
  • Do not pay or transfer any money, or agree to meet to hand over cask
  • If someone demands payment of any monies, contact INIS or An Garda Síochána immediately.


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