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by Darragh Breathnach | Feb 25, 2020
We have received a report from two of our Students that they have contracted Mumps, please see some helpful information below from the HSE.

Mumps is a viral infection. 

Symptoms include fever, headache, and swelling of the cheek and jaw. 

More rarely, meningitis, encephalitis or deafness can occur. 

People are infectious for up to 7 days before the cheek swelling appears and remain highly infectious for 5 days after the swelling.


To prevent the spread of mumps the HSE recommends that young adults and children:


1. Should be vaccinated appropriately with two MMR vaccines.


2. With clinical mumps should be excluded from school/college for 5 days following the onset of swelling


3. With symptoms suggestive of mumps, you should not attend the GP surgery, but phone the GP for a suitable time for surgery attendance/advice.   



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