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13th March 2020 13:00 DBS Summer Exams Update

by Shane Mooney | Mar 13, 2020

As you know, the College is moving to online delivery of teaching and learning from Monday 16th March.   While this is scheduled to end on 29th March, we need to be mindful that the spread of coronavirus may require this period to be extended.   In case this happens, we are preparing contingency plans for the summer exam period which starts in mid-April.  For Study Abroad students, assessment will be earlier than this and information will be communicated separately and directly to these students.

If we cannot run our exams as normal in exam halls, they will be moved online.   Different exams may need different arrangements, depending on their type, and the detail of how each exam will be conducted is currently being developed.   We will give specific details to students as soon as possible, though there is still plenty of time available.   As much as possible we will keep to the schedule of exams that has already been made available and the principle applying is to release exams at a specific time for a specific duration.   This will allow students to fully plan for where they need to be and what they need to have for the exam.   Remember, you will need a fully functioning laptop and internet connection so you should check now that everything will be in order by the time your exam comes around.

We will communicate further when we have more detail.