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9th April 2020 Exams Update

by Shane Mooney | Apr 09, 2020

As you will be aware, as a College, we have taken a policy decision to continue with teaching and assessment online. This was approved through our Academic Board at an extraordinary meeting on 16 March 2020, where detailed contingency plans for exams were presented in light of the spread of Coronavirus and the requirement at the time to close the College premises. 

As we cannot be sure when the current situation will end, our objective is to ensure that, so far as possible, students are supported to continue to learn and progress such that they have the opportunity to advance and complete their studies within the normal cycles.  

In carrying out online assessment and examinations, the following core principles apply:

  1. The integrity of assessment and learning outcomes must be preserved.
  2. Students should not be disadvantaged.

At all times, including outside the current situation, DBS seeks to ensure fairness to students. In circumstances where the outcomes of assessment may be considered to have been impacted by mitigating factors, DBS will always seek to ensure the best outcome for the student, while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of assessment and programme learning outcomes. 

In the context of COVID-19,  a No Detriment Statement was presented to the DBS Academic Board on Monday 6 April 2020 such that:

  • Where students complete assessments, additional review and analysis of outcomes and performance will be carried out to ensure that learners are not negatively impacted. 

  • If a student attempts an assessment, and fails,  consideration will be given to additional repeat opportunities without penalty. 

The situation will continue to be closely monitored by the Academic Board and the Senior Leadership Team. An Exams Contingency Working Group was convened in early March and meets daily to plan and identify and address any issues. A team is online to support all exams, and the process is being closely monitored.