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Graduate Visa Update - Clarification for DBS Students

by james Bourke | May 26, 2020

DBS has welcomed clarification from the Irish Government on the Graduate Visa application scheme during the Covid-19 pandemic. DBS Students who were residing in Ireland and attending Irish Institutions, but who returned home due to Covid 19 and completed their studies and exams online abroad, will be entitled to avail of the programme and also allowed apply from overseas (Please note that this is on a once off basis).

Also on a once-off basis, students who are due to start studying with us in September, but because of Covid 19 will have to complete the first semester online and who will complete their studies in Ireland will also be allowed avail of the programme.

Please note that students who intend to study for the full year online with DBS will not be allowed avail of the programme.

If you have any questions on the Grad Visa Programme, please visit

If you need any additional support please contact DBS International Office on