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COVID-19 Be Responsible, Be Safe

by Shane Mooney | Sep 30, 2020

There has been some a number of news reports of large student gatherings over the past few weeks, and there has been a large increase in the number of cases in the 18-25 age group. It is everybody's responsibility to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Proper hand washingrespiratory hygiene and social distancing are more important than ever. Everyone should use their judgement and follow the advice below to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

You should:

wear a face covering on public transport, in shops and other indoor settings - this is the law, you may be fined or refused entry if you don't wear one.

* Face coverings are mandatory on the DBS Campus, and in classrooms where 2 metre distance is not possible.  

* avoid crowded places - leave a location if social distancing becomes difficult. This includes large student gatherings- do not arrange, or attend such gatherings. 

* avoid public transport if possible - walk or cycle instead, if you can

* avoid places where you can't keep 2 metres apart from other people, where possible

* wear a face covering when visiting people aged 70 or over, or other vulnerable people - be sure to practice social distancing for their safety

* avoid sharing vehicles with people you don't live with - wear a face covering if you do

You can:

* meet a limited number of people indoors or outdoors for social gatherings, but keep at least 2 metres apart - read more information about having visitors and social gatherings

* attend medical appointments, collect medicine or other health products

* exercise outdoors or indoors in gyms and sports clubs while following public health advice

* visit outdoor spaces and tourism sites, where you can keep at least 2 metres apart from other people (subject to local restrictions) 

Do not ignore or delay seeking medical treatment for abnormal signs or symptoms that you may be experiencing. Get medical help if you need it.