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Legend of the week March 19th - Goutham Tulasi

by Adam Crowther | Mar 18, 2021


Legend of the week March 19th - Goutham Tulasi



Legend of the week March 12th - Goutham Tulasi


Each week we highlight a student from DBS who has been an absolute 'LEGEND' within our Student Body. These people have been working hard to make our college a great place.

You can nominate your college friend for legend for next weeks 'LEGEND OF THE WEEK' by clicking here or alternatively you can follow our Humans of DBS Instagram page.



Flash back…

Looking back what would you do differently in your life so far linking that to now…?

"I used to resist “the present moment” by often going back and forth into the past and future, this would stress me out. And now, with self-awareness, I do my best to live in the moment, and make the most of it - to embrace it."


What was one of your most proudest moments?

"Although there are many moments in my journey that have helped me win or grow; one recent life-situation that is proudly spent moment by moment is the life I am getting live here in Ireland. This has been a roller-coaster!"

Spill the tea… 

What is the biggest OMG moment you have ever had?

"In 2017, I was doing my Mountaineering Course in the high Himalayan mountains. While climbing an approximately 15-20 feet glacier ice-wall, my right knee and foot lost their strength, and I slid downwards on the bumpy ice-surface screaming “aaaahhhhh” and fell on the hard ice. I was in shock and couldn’t breathe laying on the glacier. The rope leaders ran to me, and pounded on my back & chest.

They lifted me holding my underarms and shook me until I snapped out of my shock! And I opened my eyes and looked around the lofty mountains thinking ‘oh my god’, my rope members were all glad I was ok. That day, walked back to the base camp with tears to rest. Mountains to me, have come in form of gods. And when I see them or see the view from the peaks, I go “oh my god”. Mountains for life! :D"

Work it!

What do you want to do after college and how has DBS helped you to get there?

"I intend to continue to pursue my several personal & professional goals with a multi-potential mindset, work and perform better in organisations, help people with mental health, build a personal brand, hopefully start an business with my illustrations. DBS – in many aspects - has undoubtedly been doing the best to help me grow by offering opportunities that have helped me in learning business courses, build good network, explore myself as a leader etc. And I hope it gets better in time."



What’s one message would you like to put across to your fellow students through this time?

"Know that you are doing your best. Give empathy and be kind to yourself. Be grateful, and explore more."




See you next week!