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Meet Dorothea Hauss - Legend of the week for March 26th

by Adam Crowther | Mar 26, 2021



Legend of the week March 26th - Dorothea Hauss



Each week we highlight a student from DBS who has been an absolute 'LEGEND' within our Student Body. These people have been working hard to make our college a great place.

You can nominate your college friend for legend for next weeks 'LEGEND OF THE WEEK' by clicking here or alternatively you can follow our Humans of DBS Instagram page.



Flash back…

Looking back what would you do differently in your life so far linking that to now…?

“I would have enjoyed the pre-Covid time as a student to the fullest. I probably would have gone out partying twice or three times a week.”


What was one of your most proudest moments?

“Getting the grades for my A-levels. I had achieved top scores, but it was a tough time getting there.”

Spill the tea… 

What is the biggest OMG moment you have ever had?

“When I found out that a single microalgae tree has the same impact as 223 TREES on reducing CO2 emissions in the air. Check this thing out and put it in your backyard!”

Work it!

What do you want to do after college and how has DBS helped you to get there?

“After my semester abroad, I will start studying medicine, because it’s another field that I am really interested in. I will definitely be able to apply my online learning skills there, and I hope that I can utilize some more.”


What’s one message would you like to put across to your fellow students through this time?

“Go big, or go home. And get that microalgae tree.”