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A message from our new SU President - Iona Quinn

by Adam Crowther | Jun 10, 2021


Pictured: Iona Quinn, Students' Union President
Dublin Business School



Hey guys, 


Iona here, your new Students’ Union President. I am truly honoured to become the 9th SU President of Dublin Business School and I can’t wait to get going. I am a proud student of DBS and I look forward to representing you all to the best of my abilities. I know that the academic year ahead will be challenging for us all, but our team will strive to make sure that your time in College is not only as developmental as possible, but that it is one that is fun, fulfilling and most importantly, memorable! 


Our team is already at work behind the scenes, putting our plans together for the September period. You can expect a wide variety of events, supports and fresh content coming your way this year. We have a very dynamic and ambitious team this year and we are all looking forward to giving our all to make the 2021/22 academic year incredible. If you can’t wait until September, then you’ll be delighted to know that we have weekly events happening throughout the summer too. If you want to hang out and do some activities within a safe COVID-friendly environment then keep an eye on all of the great things on our social media @dbsstudentexperience 


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the rest of the team. Evan Hales is our new VP for Student Life and will make sure that you guys have access to an exciting schedule of safe events, fun activities and enjoyable trips too. Evan is super passionate about the experience of our students and will be driving our Clubs and Societies Programme this year too. So keep an eye out for all of this too and make sure you get involved in whatever you can while you study with us.


Caoimhe Banahan is our new VP for Education and will be working with the College support staff and our Class Reps to ensure that your learning experience is stimulating and that your academic issues are addressed. She will also be working hard to drive various support workshops and other academic initiatives across the College. Myself and Caoimhe will also take up leading roles for our Student Council. This is now a cornerstone to our College’s success, where all of the important matters throughout the College are addressed and actioned. 


Loran Rolfe joins the team as our new VP for Wellbeing and Equality, which is an exciting rebrand of our previous Welfare role. Loran will become our Champion for driving a culture of positive Wellbeing throughout our campus. Similarly Loran has a particular interest in Equality and Diversity and her team are already working behind the scenes to develop some exciting plans that will look to build a campus that everyone is included in. Keep an eye out for some exciting roundtables and workshops this coming year.


Last and certainly not least, Kesya Rodrigues takes up a hugely important role as our VP for Communications. This role has grown significantly in recent years and her team will be working tirelessly to make sure that you guys have access to all of the information that you need, as students of DBS. Apart from creating fun social media content and supporting our SU and societies in bringing their events to life, the Communications Team will be looking to gather more stories and content from YOU, the students of DBS. So keep an eye out for more fun and engaging videos, stories and 'Instalive' chats this coming year. 


Although you’ve met the full SU Leadership Team now, I want to highlight that we have an even bigger team behind us, who are all working hard behind the scenes in planning the best possible experience for you all this year. You will hear from these guys in the coming weeks and I know they too will be giving their all to represent and lead you in having an unforgettable year at our College.


My final words are that our SU team cannot succeed without your support. You can certainly count on us this coming year, and I hope we can count on you too. Our approach to this year will be to empower you guys in taking control of your own lives while you learn. We will be doing this through workshops, meetings, events, discussions and special talks too. We promise that your engagement in these will make your experience an even better one.


Until next time.


Take care,


Iona Quinn 

Students’ Union President

Dublin Business School