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Meet Loran Rolfe your VP for Wellbeing & Equality

by Adam Crowther | Jun 18, 2021


Hey everyone,

I’m Loran, your VP of Wellbeing and Equality. This year, my goal is to truly be a voice for the students and, most importantly, a pillar of support. The role of our team is to represent and advocate on behalf of our Student Body and to promote a college environment that is diverse and inclusive for everyone.

Especially after a rough year with the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, we want to create a real sense of community and support within the college while we focus on fostering positive mental and physical wellness across our campus. Our aim is to find the best support systems for all Wellbeing and Equality issues so that we can connect and engage the student body in a real way. 

This year we have some exciting new initiatives popping up, with a plan to implement new and engaging workshops, bring in guest professionals to tackle prominent issues, and continue round table talks that promote critical engagement in new, exciting and interactive ways.

My team and I are looking forward to getting to know all of you so we can learn, grow and, most importantly, enjoy our time at college together. Let’s have a great year!

See you all soon.

Loran Rolfe 

VP for Wellbeing & Equality

Students’ Union 

Dublin Business School