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Becoming an Active Learner

by Adam Crowther | Jul 02, 2021



Learning is a social activity.  We learn through engaging with our lecturers and fellow students.  It is through those deliberate and focused conversations that we make the connections in our brain that allow us to gain a genuine understanding and generate new ideas.  Give yourself the best chance to learn by creating a learning environment that will allow you to actively engage with your learning. 


1 - Try to study at home

Flexible learning means anytime, anyplace, anywhere, so long as the place and the time are conducive to learning. Home can often be the best place to set up a space where there are fewer distractions, and you can really concentrate on your learning. 


2 - Have your camera on

Being able to see who you are talking to increases the possibility of communication.  Even if you are communicating using chat, it is more likely that you will engage with your lecturer and your fellow students if you can see them, and they can see you.  


3 - Set up your learning environment

Learning takes place in the right space for you.  Taking the time to create a space that works for you; where you know you will be able to focus on your learning will make the experience more fruitful and enjoyable. 


4 - Take notes and pro-actively learn

Learning is not passive.  Learning happens through activity.  Actions like taking notes or drawing diagrams or communicating ideas helps the learning happen. Try to push yourself to become more curious around certain topics and explore areas of discussion further.


5 - Respond to in-class tasks and ask relevant questions

In-class tasks are specifically designed to help you learn.  Their purpose is to encourage you to make the connections in your brain that allow learning to take place.  The simplest in-class task asking and answering questions is often the most effective way to make those connections.


If you have any other suggestions on how we can improve learner engagement at DBS, email your queries to [email protected]