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Themed Weeks for 2021/22

by Adam Crowther | Sep 06, 2021


Dear students,


We are delighted to announce our themed weeks schedule for the 2021/22 academic year. This year's schedule is without doubt our most rounded and exciting yet. Each of these themes have been carefully selected with your input, to help us create the best possible experience for everyone at DBS.

Click here to view our themed week's schedule in full for 2021/22.



Important: New Academic Weeks for 2021/22

This year we have made an increased effort to integrate each of our schools within our themed week's schedule. We are excited at the prospect of these new weeks and are looking forward to seeing all of your plans come to life as we begin our phased return to our campus over the coming weeks.

These initiatives will require the support of both students and faculty too, and can be in the form of industry talks, networking events, specialised workshops or the showcasing of our students and staff academic work.


We look forward to seeing all your great plans come into fruition over the coming weeks. Please note some of the academic themed weeks for the coming year:


  • Finance & Tech Week (Nov 8th)

  • Social Care/Social Science Week (Nov 15th)

  • Law Week (Nov 22nd)

  • Research Week (Nov 29th)

  • Business & Innovation Week (Feb 28th)

  • Psychology Week (Mar 14th)

  • Creativity & Arts Festival (Mar 21st)



New Themed Weeks for 2021/22

We are also delighted to see the launch of some new themed weeks this year, which are aligned with our strategic goals. These themed weeks include Healthy Campus Week, Student Awareness Week, Learner Resource Week, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Week, and our Green Campus Week too. We hope that we can count on your support in making these initiatives and events a success this year.


We are looking forward to seeing the phased return back to DBS over the coming weeks and we hope that some of these themed weeks will give you some renewed inspiration for the term again.


If you have any queries on any of the above, please email [email protected]