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NStEP Training Announced for Class Reps

by Adam Crowther | Sep 22, 2021

The National Student Engagement Programme, known as NStEP, will be delivering its Introductory Class Rep Training for class reps at DBS this October.  This training is designed to introduce key concepts and practical skills to help you succeed in the role. Over 1,500 student representatives across Ireland participated in the training last year, and 99% said they would recommend the training to other reps!



Who should sign up for this training?  

This training is ideal for new class reps, or reps who did not complete NStEP Introductory Class Rep Training last year.  However, even if you did take the training last year, you are welcome to sign up and participate again as a ‘refresher’ if you wish! 


I am a returning rep, and already completed NStEP Introductory Class Rep Training.  Is there a different training I can take? 


Yes!  NStEP has launched a new Advanced Class Rep Training option for returning reps who have experience in the role, and who completed Introductory Class Rep Training during the 2020-21 academic year.  To sign up go to https://studentengagement.ie/book-training/ 


I am a new rep / have not completed NStEP Introductory Class Rep Training before.  How do I sign up? 

This training is delivered online over Zoom.  In order to participate, you will need to register online in advance through Eventbrite.  Simply click on the Eventbrite link for the Introductory Class Rep Training session that best fits your schedule.  Zoom details will be made available after you have registered on Eventbrite.    Please carefully type your email into the registration form – this will be used to circulate the zoom link, as well as issue your digital badge! 


Choose a training session from the list that best fits your schedule: 

Tuesday, 5 October – 17:00 to 18:30  


Thursday, 7 October – 17:00 to 18:30  


Monday, 11 October – 17:00 to 18:30  


Tuesday, 19 October – 17:00 to 18:30  


Thursday, 21 October – 17:00 to 18:30  


Training is peer-led by NStEP’s team of student trainers, each of whom are experienced in a variety of contexts relating to student engagement and student representation.  Visit https://studentengagement.ie/meet-the-student-trainers/ to meet NStEP’s student trainers.  



Why should I participate in NStEP Training? 

After completing NStEP Introductory Class Rep Training, you will be issued with a digital badge. This is a milestone award, and can be used as the first step (of three) towards achieving a national Student Engagement Recognition Award for Academic Representation.  To learn more visit https://studentengagement.ie/student-engagement-recognition-awards/ 

Want to learn more about the training and why you should sign up?  Four of our trainers have shared their experiences at https://youtu.be/6gInX1P8NFg  


To find out more about NStEP and how it supports and fosters student engagement across the Higher Education sector in Ireland, visit www.studentengagement.ie