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Advanced Class Rep Training

by Adam Crowther | Oct 27, 2021

Hey everybody Wiki and Carina here from the education team. We’re hoping you had a great reading week. We’re here to talk to you about the Class rep training as well as the role of a class rep. Both trainings include:

  • Processes that can be implemented throughout the rep lifecycle

  • Support the day to day work of reps

  • Encourage self-reflection on how we, as reps, set out to achieve goals and change

  • Focus us on long-term goals, not just short-term (or day-to-day) processes

At the end of the training you will receive a digital badge which will look good on your LinkedIn profile and CV. 

Now that you have completed the Introductory Class Rep Training, it’s time to complete the Advanced Class Rep Training.

This is a brand new training that was introduced this summer for reps that have already finished the introductory training. This module was developed by four of NStEP’s student trainers who draw from their own broad experiences of student engagement in a variety of contexts.  This training explores how to navigate challenges, and the application of leadership, communication, partnership, and succession strategy approaches to the role.  Participants will be issued with a digital badge upon completion. It only takes an hour and a half which teaches you how to navigate challenges, as well as LAPS which stands for Leadership Approach Partnership and Succession strategies. Finally you get an insight into empathy and different leadership styles. 

‘We would recommend this training to everyone who wants to further develop their skills as a class rep, which will also come in handy in job interviews’

To learn more: 

Advanced Class Rep Training Materials

Next available Advanced Class Rep Training slots:

October 27th - 3-4:40pm & 6-7:30pm - more information here.