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What's on at DBS International & Equality Week

by Adam Crowther | Oct 29, 2021


International & Culture Week

Hello Everyone,

Benita here, your international Officer! I hope you guys had a great reading week! 

As you know, DBS is an international College where we embrace your culture and include diversity through all talents that you have and simply embracing who you are. As we are returning to college, we will be celebrating our cultural differences on our international week. Can someone say HORRAY!

We will be hosting many great events upon your return. Excitingly DIWALI falls on international weeks don’t miss out and stay tuned, and I hope to see you at the events, Monday: International Fair, Tuesday: Shisha Night or Wine Tasting and  Thursday: Diwali (Festival of Lights).

If you would like to perform at the International Fair, sign up on Eventbrite, and we will chat with you on the flipside.


Benita Mbemba, 

International Officer


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