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Beat Blue Monday

by Adam Crowther | Jan 17, 2022


Blue skies for Blue Monday at Castle House this morning…


What is blue Monday?


"Blue Monday" is the name given to the third Monday in January and has been coined as the most depressing day of the year.

Why is that ?

This time of year when we’re feeling down because;

  • The weather’s cold

  • We’re back at work and college

  • We’ve got to make up all the money we spent at Christmas 

  • Our stress and responsibilities increase

Does it have to be blue?

Here are 5 simple ways to turn your Blue Monday around:

  •  Remember, we all have good and bad days – “This too shall pass". These negative feelings don’t have to determine the rest of our year.  

  • Check in on your mental health – reflect on your mental wellbeing and continue to figure out which small practices help you feel better each day (walk, yoga, meditate, chat to a friend)

  • Focus on the good things –  remember all the positives happening in your life, and try not to be dominated by things that may have gone wrong or aren’t going your way.  

  • Remember the important lessons you’ve learned - be grateful for the obstacles you’ve overcome and the strength you showed throughout last year

  • Use positive affirmations – try to start every day with a positive thought, saying, memory or quote that sets you up for the best possible start

  • Remember that you are enough - we are all trying our best and we should be proud of ourselves just for being who we are.


Whats’ on this Blue Monday:

Here at  DBS we are fighting against Blue Monday. We'll have some exciting things going on in the common room. Join us from 11am -1:5 pm for the following events

  • 11:00am - Drop by the SU stand in the common room and  grab some coffee, sweets and really helpful mental health resources.

  • 12:00 - join us for a talk about “training your mind for happiness” delivered by our very own welfare officer Hamza Razaq

  • 12:30 join us for our Blue Balloon meetup, walk and talk as we fight back against Blue Monday. Have a chat, meet new people or simply catch up with a friend as we stroll through Stephen’s Green

Blue Monday Promotions

There will be a special promotion 2-for-1 on all hot drinks at the DBS Coffee dock (4th floor in CH).


Important contact information​​:

  • NITELINE - a confidential call and messaging service that is in in partnership for DBS. Reach them between 9pm-2:20am every night for mental health support

  • MYMIND - a counselling service that offers DBS student several free sessions and can be arranged by contacting Student Services at [email protected]

  • Welfare Officer - Hamza Razaq is our Welfare Officer and can be found in the 4th floor class office or reached by the email [email protected]

  • Samaritan Dublin -