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How to Open a Student Bank Account with MoneyJar

by Adam Crowther | Jan 19, 2022

DBS are delighted to partner with MoneyJar who have made the opening of a bank account really simple for our students. MoneyJar will also help you to share everyday costs and plan future goals with friends and family. 


How to open your Moneyjar bank account:




Onboarding Guidelines when opening MoneyJar accounts


Outside the EEA

Signing Up

Opening up a money jar Account outside of the EEA requires the customer to have an Irish address. This address can be their temporary or permanent address  once they move to Ireland. It can be a friend, relatives or Hotel / B&B once its an Irish address is key

Please note; if you request a bank card it will be sent to this address 


Inside the EEA

Signing Up

Customers will be able to sign up from their home country and  open an account even if they are not located in Ireland at the moment of account creation. Please note  if the customer uses the digital bank account outside of Ireland they will be charged international banking transactions. 


For any other queries contact [email protected]



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