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Episode 3: 5 Brilliant Walks to take this weekend

by Adam Crowther | Mar 21, 2022


Happy weekend everyone! This is the final episode of the Brilliant Walks Series! With the travel restrictions now lifted throughout Ireland and outdoor dining back, we are a stepping stone to normality! This is your chance to make the most of the weekend and enjoy the Irish summer! All of these hikes are within close proximity to Dublin and are catered to all fitness levels.

Tonelagee (Wicklow)


If you are looking for a more challenging walk with great views over the surrounding hills and a beautiful heart-shaped lake, Tonlagee is the right place to be. 

  • Walking time: Roughly 3 hours

  • Drive time from DBS: 70 minutes



Tibradden Mountain Trail

The Tibradden Mountain Trail is one that tends to get overlooked quite a bit. Tibradden lies between the Cruagh and Kilmashogue mountains (about a 40-minute drive from Dublin City and a stone’s throw from Johnny Fox’s Pub).


At the highest point on Tibradden, you’ll find an open cairn and kist burial site. When you reach here, take a breather and admire the views that surround you.

  • Walking time: The Tibradden Mountain Trail takes you on a 2.4km 2 hour (depending on pace) stroll through the forest and then on a hike up the mountain to the cairn at the summit.




Lough Tay to Lough Dan (Wicklow)


There’s a lovely walk from Lough Tay to Lough Dan that’ll treat you to brilliant views from start to finish. The walk takes around three hours and climaxes with a mighty view out over Lough Dan.



  • Walking time: Roughly 3 hours

  • Drive time from DBS: Around 70 minutes 



The Sugar Loaf (Wicklow)


Standing at 501m above sea level, the Great Sugarloaf is the perfect place for a casual early-morning climb.

On a clear day, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Dublin, the Wicklow Mountains, and the Irish Sea from its summit. The climb here shouldn’t take you any longer than an hour if you take the trail that starts in the car park to the south of the Sugarloaf.

  • Walking time: Roughly 1 hour 

  • Drive time from DBS: 55 minutes



Japanese Garden (Kildare)



The National Stud’s Japanese Garden is a beautiful place in Kildare. It is an amazing representative of Japanese gardens from the early 20th century. It is a perfect place for a nice walk and insta pics! 

  • Drive time from DBS: Around 50 minutes



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