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Rewatch your Inductions with us

by Adam Crowther | May 09, 2022



Dear students,


If you want to play back the recent inductions at DBS, you can watch them back by clicking the links below.

Watch the International Briefing back here!


Watch the Meet the SU Team Talk back here!


New students to DBS are required to attend the Meet the SU Team Talk and it is mandatory that international students attend the International Briefing. This hugely important information session covers a number of important topics that are essential for your onboarding to our college. 




Each briefing with cover the following topics:

Meeting the SU team: Getting to know DBS, meet the team and getting around Dublin. Top tips for students.


International briefing:

VISA compliance, accessing student letters, understanding the service desk, your working hours, accommodation, opening a bank account, exploring Dublin and how to get around the city.


These sessions are so valuable to new students to DBS and will be essential to you getting oriented with all of the important things you need as a student in our city.