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Creating Work Ready Graduates- How to Improve your Work Readiness Score

by Shane Mooney | Sep 06, 2022
Thankyou for completing the Graduate Attributes Self Assessment. Here are suggestions to improve your score while studying in DBS. 


Your overall score is low, which is expected as you start your student journey, however take this as an opportunity to start working on developing the graduate attributes. There will be numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities throughout your time in DBS that will benefit you and will help you improve your skills and attributes. You will expect to see an improvement in your overall score each time you complete the self assessment by developing a plan of action and proactively managing your development now. As you progress through college, you will see the value of engaging in particular activities and how they can help with the development of graduate attributes. 

Career attribute training modules have been created around the six specific graduate attributes. These will support the development of graduate attributes necessary for career success. 

Below are suggested extra-curricular activities that will help to improve your overall score. 

  • Join clubs and societies in DBS or outside DBS and become an active member

  • Join a sports team or participate in individual/solo sports on a competitive level

  • Attend a student council meeting

  • Contribute to blogs, newsletters or other written communications

  • Become a Peer Mentor or Class Representative

  • Volunteer for charities / youth groups

  • Work in a part-time job

  • Work full-time during summer holidays

  • Complete the DBS Graduate Attributes module - Bronze


You have participated in activities that have helped you develop graduate attributes. There are many other activities through which the graduate attributes can be further developed, such as taking on leadership roles. Focus on continually improving your attributes and that will increase your overall score the next time you complete this assessment.  Give some thought to areas where you made progress, the challenges you encountered and how you are going to address these going forward. You can take positive steps to further develop your skills by becoming actively involved in extra-curricular activities as suggested below:

  • Set up a club or society in DBS or outside DBS

  • Join the DBS Student Union

  • Become a Student Union Officer

  • Become a captain of a team

  • Become a member of the Student Council

  • Participate in a College Industry Challenge

  • Attend the DBS Careers Hub Workshops

  • Update your CV and set up a LinkedIn profile

  • Join the DBS Careers Hub LinkedIn Group

  • Apply for an internship or work placement in a company

  • Meet with a DBS Careers Coach for a coaching session

  • Access careers podcasts and attend careers events

  • Establish links with relevant professionals in your chosen career

  • Complete the DBS Graduate Attributes module - Silver


Well done, keep focused on continuing your development of graduate attributes and being actively involved in various activities. You should reflect on your strengths and how you can develop them further. Give some thought to areas where you feel you made progress and identify areas that you feel you need to concentrate on developing going forward.

Below are suggestions for activities that would be beneficial for further development:

  • Participate in the Student Leadership Programme in DBS

  • Become an officer in a DBS Club or Society

  • Consider applying for role of Student Union President or Vice President

  • Complete the DBS Graduate Attributes module - Gold


Congratulations! You have taken responsibility for your self-development and have developed graduate attributes that will help you achieve career success. Reflect on your experiences and the skills you have developed and continue to embrace lifelong learning. You will be able to demonstrate your personal and professional growth with evidence to employers during your job search.