Online Invigilation FAQs 


Can I write my exam in Word/Excel and upload it/copy and paste it to the platform? 


Yes, you can do this if you prefer or need to, although it is preferable to type in the answer box for written questions. 

If you do use Word/Excel, it is important to leave plenty of time to upload your documents.


Help, I've been disconnected from the system and I'm running out of time! 


First, remain calm. If you are disconnected from the system, the clock stops. You can re-access the system by putting in the same details you registered with the first time, and your exam will be there with your answers and with the remaining time for the test. You may need to contact your invigilators to receive the exam link again.


Can I copy and paste into my exam? 


In certain exams, you may need to use other programmes to write answers, which will then need to be copied and pasted into the platform. This is fine. As standard, however, it is not acceptable to copy and paste work that is not your own, for example - copy and pasting information directly from lecturer notes and books is not acceptable.


Can I navigate between questions on my exam? 


Yes, you can. You can also select the 'revisit' button on certain questions to remind yourself that you haven't finished them. Watch the instructional video on your Moodle page ahead of your exam for tips on how to do this. 


I don't have a webcam, how can I sit my exam? 


You will not be able to sit the exam without a webcam. Please source a webcam as soon as possible, as you will need one for future exams and classes.


How many questions do I have to answer? 


At the top of your exam, there is the name of the exam with an 'i' button next to it. If you click on this at any point during your exam you can see the instructions to candidates. 



How will I know how much time I have left? 


Do not run out of time!


In the top right hand corner of your screen there is a timer. It is your responsibility to check the timer and ensure you have enough time to answer all the questions. You must complete all the required answers within the time given - you will not be able to submit answers after this time has finished.  




Can I go to the toilet during my exam? 


Yes, although you will not be allowed any extra time for your exam. 


How can I contact someone if I am having problems? 


We recommend you contact the Exams Team via the Moodle chat. This can be found on your Moodle page. If you are having technical difficulties but are still connected to the platform, we will be able to view your screen and troubleshoot with you. It is also advisable to keep IT’s contact number nearby: +35314177573


Where has my exam disappeared to?! 


Your exam is run in a separate tab, and you might have minimised it; go to the taskbar at the bottom of your screen and check for any additional windows. 


When should I start uploading my files? 


Many students run out of time when they leave uploading their answers to the end of the exa - do not do this! 


We strongly recommend that you do it as you go along, e.g. when you have completed question 1, upload any necessary documents before starting question 2. 


Can I use more than one screen to sit my exam?


No, it is not possible to use a second screen. This is not permitted by our Online Exam Platform and if you try to access the online exams platform with a second screen your system will fail the compatibility tests. 


I can’t find my student card, can I use anything else?


You can use any official identification - the best ones to use are your passport, driver’s license or PSC (public service card).


I can’t see my exam submission on Moodle - did I definitely submit it?


All work written directly into the text boxes on the Mercer Mettl platform is saved automatically.


Do I need to reference in online exams?

Yes, you must reference your sources. Referencing in an exam does not need to be as formal as with a CA but it must be clear where work is not your own and were it derived from, eg:

  • In-text - direct quote (or replicated image) - (NAME, year, page) 

  • In-text - paraphrased - (NAME, year, [page if available]) 

  • Reference List - NAME, year, Title or URL