Frequently Asked Questions!

The Reception Team hope that you find these questions and answers helpful. If you feel there is something not contained on this page, we are always looking for further suggestions!

Please email with your questions or comments.

Where do I find the Academic Calendars?

Academic Calendars are available by clicking here

Where can I find my timetable for my classes?

Full Time Students: Click here to all full time programmes

Part Time Students: Click here to visit the evening timetables. 

I have moved and I want to update my address

Click here to change your address

I have lost my Student Card, where do I get a new one?

Click here to request a replacement Student Card.

Please note there is a fee of €10 for replacing lost cards ( within 5 working days) or €15 (within 24 hours).

I want to collect my Parchment

Click here to request your Parchment. If you have already requested your parchment, please contact Aungier Street Reception. Please note that when collecting your parchment, you will be required to sign a proof of receipt form.

Where can I get a copy of my Academic Transcripts?

Click here to request a copy of your Academic Transcripts. The turnaround for receipt of 2 copies of your transcripts is 5 working days for current students and graduates within the last 4 years.

Please note that if you are not a current student or a graduate within the last 4 years, there is a €25 fee. Academic Transcripts cannot be requested before exam results have been released.

I want to change my course

Click here to request a course change

I want to change or de-register a module

Please contact a member of the Registrars Office on to change or de-register a module. Please note there is a strict two week window at the start of each semester in which you can change your modules. After this two week window has elapsed, it will not be possible to change your modules.

How do I contact a staff member?

If you wish to call a lecturer, please call reception on 01 4177500. Alternatively, if you want to email a staff member, use the following format:

I want to get an extension on my assignment

Assignment extension forms are available from Reception in Aungier Street, South William Street, and Dame Street. Please note that all extension applications must first be approved by the Programme Leader and then you will be contacted with the outcome.

I want to get involved with a student society. Who do I need to talk to?

Click here for links to student services where you will find more information on the clubs, society and events ran for students throughout the year.

I am having trouble with finding a work placement. Can the college help me?

Yes – please contact the careers and appointments office. Click here for more information. 

I am having some problems accessing notes and college material on Moodle.

Please contact Moodle Administration department. When emailing Moodle Administration, please give as much detail of the problem as possible and include your name and student number.

I need a general college letter, where do I get it from?

Click here to request a college letter. Please note that it takes 5 days to process a letter. There is an express service available of  €10 fee (within 24 hours)

I am an international student and I need letters for my visa extension, for new accommodation, and to open a new bank account. Where do I get these from?

Click here to apply for a letter, International students must obtain these letters ON LINE. Please click here to get more information about International students service.

A computer is not working, what should I do?

If there is a problem with any of the computers that you are working on, it is important to report it to the Computer Services Department, you can phone 01-4177-573

I need a J1 letter, where do I get it from?

Click here to request a J1 letter. Please note that it takes 5 days to process a letter.

I need a receipt of fees paid, how can I get one issued?

Click here to request a receipt of fees. Please note that these are only processed on Friday of every week, and are posted to you to arrive within 5 working days.

Where can I park my car? Does DBS have subsidised parking?

Yes, subsidised parking is available from 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. It is available at DRURY STREET CAR PARK. Click here for directions. Your car parking ticket must be stamped at a campus reception desk prior to returning to your car to pay. To avail of the discounted price, it is necessary to pay the cashier instead of inserting your ticket in the machine. It’s €2 per evening.