Policies & Procedures

Dublin Business School Policies & Procedures

Revised Privacy Statement

From 25th May 2018 a new data protection regulation is coming into effect. Consequently, DBS has revised its privacy statement which outlines how we manage the data we hold on you, as a student, as well as your rights and our responsibilities in relation to that data. You can find our new Privacy Statement at this link.

Quality Assurance Handbook
The Quality Assurance Handbook is to provide guidance and information to all participants in quality assurance and enhancement across the college - this includes students and staff. This Handbook includes all college policies and regulations, and is the core text for students to familiarise themselves with these processes and systems.
QAH Assessments & Regs Reminder

Academic Impropriety Policy
Academic Impropriety (which includes Plagiarism) is taken very seriously by the college, and students are expected to familiarise themselves with these policies and regulations to adhere to the academic requirements of their programme.
Further information around Plagiarism, Referencing and Academic Writing can be found from the Library.

DBS Code of Conduct
The College's Code of Conduct is intended to ensure an appropriate academic environment in which mutual respect for all College staff, learners, visitors and guests is promoted.

DBS Child Protection Policy
The College's Child Protection Policy, in compliance with national regulations, with reference to employees, learners, and reporting processes and procedure.
DBS Child Safeguarding Statement

Academic Calendar and Term Dates
The current Academic Calendars and Term Dates.

Complaints Procedures:

Learner Complaints Policy
Learner Complaints can be lodged through your Programme Coordinator to the School Administrative Officer. This is not to be confused with an Assessment Appeal (see below).

Student Complaint Form

Exams Verifications and Appeals

Verification of Results Policy
A Verification is the re-checking of the accuracy of the calculation and recording of marks, not a re-grade.

DBS Appeals Policy
The Appeals Policy is to afford learners the opportunity to appeal the decision of an academic decision-making committee (e.g. Academic Impropriety Committee, Examinations Board grade finalisation). This does not apply to appeals against a Complaint Committee.
Disagreement with an assessment decision is not considered grounds for appeal. An appeal is not a re-grade.

The Verification and Appeals Forms can be found on the Exams Page of the website. These can be submitted once the relevant Policy has been read carefully and understood.