Registration Process - New Students

Please ensure you liaise with our admissions team in advance of registration.

Part time student registration is on Saturday 9th September.
Timetable for Saturday 9th

Full time student registration commences on Monday 11th but exact time and date is dependant on your programme.

BA (Hons) in Psychology Year 1 Full Time                            BA (Hons) Business Full Time (inc Streams)
BA (Hons) in Film Year 1 Full Time                                            BA (Hons) in Business Information Systems (inc Streams) Yr1 Full Time                                                
BA (Hons) in Journalism Year 1 Full Time                              BA (Hons) in Marketing (inc Streams) Yr1 Full Time                              
BA (Hons) in Social Science Year 1 Full Time                       BA & Higher Cert in Business Full Time
Higher Certificate in Arts Full Time                                           BA & Higher Cert in Marketing Full Time
BA in Film and Media Year 1 - L7 Full Time                             Bachelor of Business in Information Technology Full Time  
BA in Journalism and Media Year 1 - L7 Full Time               BSc in Computing Full time                    
BA in Social Studies Year 1 - L7 Full Time                              Bachelor of Business in Information Technology Full Time
                                                                                                               Bachelor of Business in Accounting Full Time
                                                                                                               Higher Certificate in Legal & Business Studies Full Time
                                                                                                               BA & Higher Certificate Legal Studies Full Time
                                                                                                               Bachelor of Laws Full Time

Registration Process - Continuing Students

Every student needs to register for each Academic Year to continue their studies at DBS

Registration by Email

  • Re-Registration details are emailed to all continuing students. (For students who passed all modules in the summer these emails will be sent towards the end of July).
  • For those students awaiting the release of repeat results in September, your re-registration email will be sent following the release of these results. 
  • If you have any queries in relation to your modules for the upcoming year, please contact your programme co-ordinator.
  • Once the registration email has been completed and sent back you will be registered for the new academic year. Upon payment of the relevant fees, your existing student card will become active again for the new academic year.
  • Timetables and Academic Calendars for the upcoming year are available on the website.

If you have not received the re-registration email, please email to request it to be re-sent to you.