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Power Outage on Georges Street 25th March

by Darragh Breathnach | Mar 25, 2021

2pm Update

Moodle is back!


1:30pm Update

Power has been restore and we are in the process of restarting our servers.

If all goes to plan, we'll be back up shortly.


1:20pm Update

Power is still out in some parts of the city centre.

We will update you when we know more, but Moodle is now out of service because of the power outage.



There is currently a power outage on Georges Street which affects our Castle House building.

If power isn't restored in the next hour or so, we will have to start shutting down servers which are currently on back up power. This will result in loss of access to some services, including Moodle.

This is outside of our control and we haven't been notified yet by the ESB (Power company) what the cause is.

We will get back online asap.