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What is the DBS Peer Mentor Programme?

The DBS Student Mentor Programme is an in-house student-led, mentorship run by the Student Experience Team. Our mentors act as positive role models throughout the year to their respective groups and will be sources of information during our orientation programme from September until the end of the term. In your role, you will help make coming to DBS a more welcoming, less daunting experience for everyone. As well as arranging informal meetings and social events for your mentees, you will also be available to assist with any queries or concerns which they may have. Throughout the year you will be supported fully by our Student Experience Team with whatever challenges and issues you may face.


This academic year we will have approximately 30 peer mentors, divided across two areas - programme based and regional (by nation). Each of our student mentors will take part in continuous training throughout each academic year. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality training to our mentors, ensuring that they are fully engaged in our college experience and best prepared to support their mentees. 


This programme has proven to be a huge success in previous semesters and we hope that these trained mentors will help us improve new students' transition to our college, as well as student retention and student satisfaction too.

Aims of the DBS Peer Mentoring Programme: 

  • Encourage new students to get involved in social activities & to make new friends

  • Assist new students in navigating the various academic and personal supports that are available to them in DBS (Student Services, Careers, SESU, Student Help Desk, IT Support, First Year Librarian, Students’ Union)

  • Prepare new students for first year by encouraging them to develop specific study skills (linking in with SESU & first year Librarian)

  • Reassure new students when it comes to concerns they may have about starting and engaging with college

  • Supporting new students in solving problems that the may face throughout their first year in college 

  • Facilitate an environment/catch-ups where new students can ask questions, no matter how big or small they may seem

  • Enhance the overall quality of the first year experience

  • Equip Peer Mentors with organisational, communication and leadership skills which are valuable transferable skills for your future

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The Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Our PAL scheme is a student to student support network, where senior students help support new students as they travel through the first phases of their college experience within DBS. These PAL sessions are designed to help students make a smooth transition to college life. It is hoped that by getting advice from senior students, they will be better prepared for the demands of college life. This programme also provides opportunity for students to get to know others in their course and get advice from senior students, who have gone through similar programmes themselves.  We have provided each of our mentors with extensive training on communication, boundaries and life skills, which we hope will be passed forward to the new students.

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Thursday & Tuesday - 4-6pm


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