Quality Assurance Reports 

QQI Award Overviews

QQI collects data from Higher Education institutions, including Award Data. They host this on their website.

The Dublin Business School infographics, hosted by QQI, are available HERE.

Programme Reviews and Validations

QQI-accredited programmes undergo a rigorous validation process before any delivery can commence. Once validated, programmes are also subject to a regular review process (typically every five years, although these can be more regularly if there are changes required to a programme, such as arising out of a new field of research or technology within a field).

The Programme Review and Validation reports are available HERE, and the process for the College's programme review and validation are set out in the Quality Assurance Handbook, Part C, Section 2.1 and 2.2.

Graduates and Awards

The QQI infographic sets out some data on recent DBS graduates. 
The process of determining awards for different programmes is set out in the Quality Assurance Handbook, Part B, Section 6.3. It is important to remember that different programmes achieve different award classifications (set out in the QAH, B.6.3.4), but in quick summary:

  • Short courses, or Special-Purpose awards - Pass/fail (pass mark is typically 40%, unless specifically set out for the programme as something higher)
  • Higher Certificate and Bachelor programmes (Ordinary Bachelor's degrees)
    • Distinction - 70%+
    • Merit Grade 1 - 60-69%
    • Merit Grade 2 - 50-59%
    • Pass - 40-49%
  • Bachelor (Hons) and BSc (Hons); Higher Diploma
    • First Class Honours - 70%+
    • Second Class Honours Grade 1 - 60-69%
    • Second Class Honours Grade 2 - 50-59%
    • Pass - 40-49%
  • Postgraduate Diploma
    • Distinction - 70%+
    • Merit - 60-69%
    • Pass - 40-59%
  • Masters
    • First Class Honours - 70%+
    • Second Class Honours - 60-69%
    • Pass - 40-59%

    NB: all award classifications can be impacted subject to failing and repeating a module at Award Stage. Typically failing and repeating an Award Stage module will result in an overall award being capped at a Pass award, regardless of the numeric grade achieved. This is within the QQI Sectoral Convention number 3.