Attendance Requirements

There are strict regulations regarding the class attendance of non-EU students. These regulations have been set by the Department of Justice, and are enforced by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). DBS enforces a strict attendance policy in adherence with the INIS Guidelines for Colleges Offering Courses to Full-time Non EEA Students, August 2011.

Full attendance at all classes and workshops is required, and if a student falls below 85% attendance DBS may notify Immigration Services Delivery.

Student attendance is recorded electronically by class. Daily reports on each student are generated from this system identifying non-attendance and students with punctuality issues. All students are required to ‘scan’ their student card at the beginning of each class or session using the reader in each classroom. Student attendance figures are then available through their personal Moodle page. If the student does not scan in, the attendance will not be recorded. 

If a student has concerns that there is an issue with recording attendance they must speak to their lecturer for that class in the first instance, who will instruct Academic Operations to amend the record if an error has being made. Student Services and International Student Services have no power to amend attendance. 

If any student has a poor attendance rate, DBS is required to inform the Department of Justice and the GNIB. Appropriate action will be taken by these organisations which could result in the cancellation of the student’s study visa.

If an International Student requires a letter it must be requested through the student self service portal. It is a requirement for letters to list attendance which is reflective of the system and this cannot be changed retrospectively. 

Sanctions for conduct relating to attendance, up to, and including Expulsion

It is an offence to do any of the following:
Scan your card and then not attend the lecture.
Scan someone else's card. 

DBS regularly carries out spot checks on classes to ensure that these instances do not occur. If any such instances are identified all students involved are called to a disciplinary meeting. 

Failure to adhere to the attendance requirements constitutes a breach of College Regulations and is dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee. Where a student is found guilty of the offence or offences charges, the Disciplinary Committee is empowered to impose any of the following penalties, either separately or in combination:

  • Expulsion from the College
  • Suspension from the College for a stated period, or until such time as any requirements laid down by the Committee, such as payment of a fine or the restitution of damage or loss, are fulfilled.
  • Exclusion from specific College facilities.
  • Disbarment from examinations for a specific period.


Students are required to be in attendance at the timetabled hour and remain in class throughout that time. Persistent breach will result in a formal disciplinary meeting and a warning will be issued. Students arriving 15 minutes after the scheduled start of class or leaving 15 minutes before the end of a scheduled class are marked as absent.

Holidays and Breaks

All courses operate consecutively over a 25 week period. There are no scheduled holidays or vacations within the course save for Bank Holidays,reading weeks,  National Holidays and a two week period at Christmas and New Year where the School is closed. In addition to the 25 weeks tuition there is scheduled Examination Weeks where no formal classes take place but where assessment is conducted or prepared.


Regular and punctual attendance is essential to successful academic achievement. Each student is responsible for all work from the first day of class and must make satisfactory arrangements with lecturers regarding any anticipated absences. Students who do not maintain a satisfactory level of attendance are hindering their overall academic performance.

Absence due to illness

On the first day of a student illness and each day subsequently, an email or phone call is required to be sent or made to the Programme Co-ordinator. A medical certificate is required from the student on the first day back in the School.

Absence from assessment or examinations caused by illness or other special circumstances is covered under the DBS Personal Mitigating Circumstances Policy. Please refer to the Quality Assurance Handbook for same. 

Uncertified and Unexplained Absences

Students are issued with a verbal warning. If a second offence is found of unsupported non-attendance, a warning letter is issued. Third and subsequent events are reported to the Registrar as a disciplinary matter. All students are required to achieve a minimum of 85% attendance. Any absence of one or more consecutive days must be supported by medical certificates. 

Data Protection

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