What is the Student Leadership Programme at DBS?


The Student Leadership Programme is one of our flagship extra-curricular programmes at DBS. This programme consists of a series of asynchronous modules, short courses, talks and seminars designed by industry and delivered to our Student Leaders in a collaborative way through our Student Experience Team, our Careers Coaches and industry specialists. 


The goal of this programme is to ‘Inspire Future Leaders’. This is achieved by helping our students to understand their own abilities, by completing their Work Readiness Assessment, and then enhancing their industry-specific skills through our Graduate Work Readiness Programme and our Student Leadership Series. By using these tools our Student Leaders will not only have a better experience within their leadership role, but they will attain important skills that employers are looking for, which will allow them to successfully navigate the future workplace.


This programme is exclusive to active students at DBS, who are participating within one of our Student Leadership roles. Currently this consists of our Students’ Union Team, Class Representatives, Peer Mentors, Sports Captains, and our Society Committee Members too. If you are interested in joining the programme and are not in a leadership role, please contact the Student Experience Team via [email protected]


Your guide to the Student Leadership Programme for 2023/24

Step 1: Complete the Work Readiness Assessment (via Moodle)

Step 2: Undertake the Graduate Work Readiness Asynchronous Module via Moodle (Bronze, Silver & Gold)

Step 3: Complete the Student Leadership Series Schedule for 2023/24 (see below)

Step 4: Complete the Capstone Project Assessment of your year on the Leadership Programme

Student Leadership Series for 2023/24:

Here is our line up for our Student Leadership Series 2023/24. Each of our workshops is around 60-90 mins in duration and are usually in person to allow for important networking and discussions to take place.

Workshop 1 - Sharpening your Communication Skills

Workshop 2 - Attention to Detail and Accurate Work

Workshop 3 - Using your Initiative 

Workshop 4 - Team Work Skills & Effective Groups

Workshop 5 - Maximising your Problem Solving Skills

Workshop 6 - Working Under Pressure

Workshop 7 - Building your Leadership Potential

Individual Capstone Project