Student Leadership Programme

Student Leadership Programme

What is the Student Leadership Programme?

The Student Leadership Programme is an exciting student led project facilitated by the Student Experience Team and co-delivered by industry specialists. This programme offers students the opportunity to learn, reflect and develop essential leadership fundamentals that look beyond your college education and aims to inspire students to fulfill their potential in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Throughout the cycle of this programme the students of DBS will better understand the core principles of becoming a successful leader. This includes actively engaging with your own subject area, as well as developing better business acumen within your working discipline. More specifically this programme will look to dive deeper into understanding important leadership qualities relating to ‘Well-being Skills’ that will boost your capacity as a future leader, while also actively applying the important ‘Leadership Attributes’ that are developed throughout these dynamic workshops.

How does the Student Leadership Programme work?

This year's programme will take place through a series of dynamic and interactive workshops that will run throughout the full academic year and will be led by an experienced mentor and/or industry specialist. Each workshop has a unique topic and usually takes place over a 2 hour period during the week. We usually cover some core principles of the workshop topic, and foster plenty of group discussions and interactions between the workshop participants. 

Although the skills that are developed will be unique to each student, we strongly encourage participants to have some leadership role available to them while on this programme, as the active application of the theory and models will greatly enhance your own personal development and leadership potential.

Programme Details & Schedule:

The Student Leadership Programme will begin November 25th 2020 and will continue until April 2021. Registered students will be contacted in relation to training times and locations. Participants are expected to actively engage in the programme and there will be a minimum threshold expected of students who wish to be in receipt of a Student Leadership Award at the end of the academic year (April 2021).


The workshops within the Student Leadership Programme will cover two key areas - Leadership Attributes and Well-being Skills. You can read more about the plans for these workshops below:

Leadership Attributes Workshops:

  1. Team Working & Collaboration

  2. Problem Solving

  3. Communication Skills

  4. Planning & Organisational Skills

  5. Leadership & Group Influence

  6. Perseverance & Motivation

  7. Negotiation & Persuasion

  8. Self Confidence

  9. Working Under Pressure

  10. Business Acumen


Well-being Skills Workshops:

  1. Introduction to the Well-being Programme

  2. Positive Steps to Well-Being: (4 workshops)

    1. Positive Steps to Well-Being 1 - Emotional Regulation - Dealing with Anxiety, Stress and Frustration

    2. Positive Steps to Well-Being 2 - Reflection - Looking back / Looking forward

    3. Positive Steps to Well-Being 3 - Building your happiness

    4. Positive Steps to Well-Being 4 - Mindfulness & Healthy Boundaries - Being present, breathing practices, Physical, Mental, & Social safeguards

  3. Well-being Maintenance - Putting your Well-being plan together

Who is eligible to join the Student Leadership Programme?

The Student Leadership Programme is open to all students of Dublin Business School, but registration is required to ensure quality and consistency throughout the programme. Over the last few years this exciting programme has ranged from Students’ Union Officers, Peer Mentors, Class Reps, Sports Club Captains and Society Committee Members too. However, this year we are delighted to offer this unique opportunity to any students of DBS who have a passion about self development and future leadership!

If you would like to join this year's Student Leadership Programme please complete this registration document - access here or contact [email protected] directly.