Sustainability at DBS

Through its Sustainable Environment Strategy and Plan DBS is becoming a force for positive change in terms of impact on the environment and sustainability, thereby creating and contributing to a legacy for others. This also directly contributes to the company objective of being sustainable and to the DBS vision of making a difference.

The Sustainability Environmental Group was established in 2020 with a view to establishing a sustainability charter and key performance indicators to raise awareness and apply for the Green Flag. Subsequently, the Green Campus Society was also established consisting of staff and students and the results are showcased in the Sustainability week - 22nd of February 2021 as outlined in the section below.

Donal Casey
Rita Day
Lori Johnston
Tony Kenny
Sarah Sharkey
Marta Piasentin
Eddie Ormonde
Francisca Knight - Chair
Macdara OMaolbhuaidh - Secretary

The DBS Sustainable Environment Group was formed through a mixture of volunteer members and members who have a vested interest in the DBS Sustainable Environment policy. 

The first meeting took place on 14th February 2020. Francisca Knight was voted Chairperson and Macdara OMaolbhuaidh was voted as the Secretary by the members of the group.

In August 2020 the SLT approved a 3-year Plan which can be viewed below.

DBS Sustainable Environment Group Proposal


Status for Academic Year 2021/2022

 Study Rooms  Ongoing
 Single-Use Plastic  Single-use plastic bottles have been removed from vending machines and Restaurant
 Student Switch-Off Policy  To be implemented September 2021
 Carbon Offset Calculator  To be implemented September 2021
 Biodiversity  Ongoing review by Green Campus Committee
 Financial Planning & Capital Projects  Ongoing policy
 Non-Recyclable Waste  Ongoing review
 Printing  Reviewing policy on printing
 Recycling  Introduced segregated recycling bins across the college
 Strategic Student Sustainability Policy  To be implemented September 2021
 Education  Ongoing review alongside programmatic review
 Business Initiatives  Ongoing
 An Taisce Green Campus Award Programme  Under review by An Taisce. Active participation in programme since September 2020. 

Green Campus Committee

As part of the Plan developed by the Sustainable Environment Group, DBS has enrolled in the An Taisce Green Campus Programme. A Green Campus Committee consisting of 3 students from the Sustainability Society and 3 staff from the Sustainable Environment Group has been formed to engage in the 7-step programme. Committee member and Journalism student Clare O'Beara has written about the committee and the progress that is being made here.

Green Campus Committee Members

Orla O’Brien (Chair)
Clare O'Beara
Anoop Kannottukalathil Ananthan
Rita Day
Donal Casey
Macdara Ó Maolbhuaidh (Secretary)

Green Week 2021

In February 2021 Green Week marked our first year on our journey toward achieving the An Taisce Green Campus award. We chose to explore the themes of Litter and Waste, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Climate Justice. Green Edge (Horticulturalist Marion Keogh) also gave us a fresh dose of “Grow It Yourself” inspiration each day during Green Week!

Here are the fantastic GIY videos we posted each day:

Day 1 - Growing Herbs from a Plant Pot

Day 2 - How to Print Your Own Money (Sowing Seeds)

Day 3 - Build Your Own Bird Feeder

Day 4 - Make Your Own Portable Herb Garden

Day 5 - Tree Identification near DBS