Annual Quality Report 2022

The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQR) is an annual report about internal quality assurance that institutions provide to QQI.

QQI's resource page regarding AQRs is available HERE.

As policies and reporting evolve over time, this page will reflect the relevant documentation as of the period of reporting for the Annual Quality Report 2022 (approximately from January 2021 until the end of January 2022).

College Policies: The Quality Assurance Handbook

The College's Quality Assurance Handbook is a 'live' document, as it can be updated subject to changes in the national, social, academic or professional context in which the College, and the programmes it delivers, operate. Changes are reviewed by the appropriate teams in the College leadership, but for the AQR submission in 2022, the College's Handbook as of this period will be set out below. (This will remain in development until the 2022 submission is made).