Quality Assurance 

Welcome to the Registrar’s Office

Thank you for choosing to study with Dublin Business School. We hope you will have a happy and rewarding experience with us. Here in Dublin Business School, we endeavour to ensure all interactions between students and the Registrar’s Office as smooth and hassle free as possible.

What is the Registrar's Office?

The Registrar and Director of Campus Operations is responsible for the academic administration of the College, in accordance with the policies and procedures approved by the College's Academic Board.
The Registrar's Office is primarily responsible for ensuring that quality assurance policies and processes are in place, and adhered to, across the academic life-cycle of members of the College. This life-cycle extends from learner life, the classroom environment (both physical and digital), assessments and examinations, to Academic Integrity, appeals and discipline.

Who is in the Registrar's Office?

The Registrar and Director of Campus Operations is the head of the Registrar's Office.
The Exams Manager operates under the Registrar to manage examinations and the ratification of Awards.
The Quality Assurance Officers assist the Registrar in reviewing and maintaining the Quality Assurance Handbook, and assisting a range of Committees in ensuring the appropriate quality assurance processes are in effect, particularly .
The Assistant Registrar (Validations) supports the Registrar in managing the programme validation and re-validation processes, and liaising with accrediting bodies.
The Assistant Registrar (Audit and Compliance) supports the Registrar in auditing College functions and operations.

Policies and Procedures

The College's policies are set out in the Quality Assurance Handbook - please refer to this for further information regarding any College regulations or policies.
(Internal College policies are hosted on the Staff-Only Drive for internal reference).