Coronavirus Q and A- Updated 22nd May 2020 12:00


"College Buildings Update 14th May 2020"

As per Irish Government instructions the college buildings will remain closed until August 2020. The Irish government published a road-map for reopening society and business on 1st May 2020. Under this road-map schools and colleges will physically reopen their buildings to students for the new academic year. DBS will continue to deliver online teaching and lecturing through May, June and July. Also, all of our exams for the foreseeable future will be online. Full information here.

Please monitor emails from the College and main social media channels for further updates. More information at      

“I am an International Student- how do I re-register with INIS?”

INIS has announced a new further extension of all immigration permissions between 20 May – 20 July. If your visa is due to expire during this period, then it has automatically been renewed. The extension also applies to students who already received a 2 month extension between 20 March – 20 May. 

INIS Burgh Quay is closed to the public, until further notice. 

Full story here.

“I have graduated, how do I apply for the 1G Visa while INIS offices are closed?"

INIS have announced a temporary arrangement for eligible International students who have successfully completed their studies and are availing of the Third Level Graduate Scheme Visa (Stamp 1G). 

Students can now send scanned copies of their documentation to immigration by e-mail. Once their visa has being approved they will received their Stamp 1G. Students will still be required to register with immigration once registration offices have reopened.

Rather than attending in person, as a temporary measure applications may be submitted electronically to the Registration Office, Burgh Quay, Dublin ( All required documentation should be scanned and included in the application.

Students who have left Ireland temporarily will have to register with immigration when they return. Click here for full details. 

“I have recently arrived to Ireland and have not yet had my first appointment. How do I prove that I have permission to stay in Ireland?"

INIS have announced a temporary arrangement for students who have recently arrived to Ireland. You can apply for a letter confirming that you have permission to remain in Ireland. More information on this is available from INIS here (Notice 2).

“Can International Students who have returned home sit their exams online?"

International students whose taught modules are coming to an end may now choose to return home in the knowledge that they can complete their exams online.  Students who have returned to their home country will be able to take their exams online, as if they were here in Dublin.                            

"Will my attendance be affected, while the college is closed and I am not physically in class?"

No, you will not be marked as absent. All students will be marked as attending throughout the period of online delivery, as they are scheduled to attend their lectures online with their usual timetable.
Please note that it may take up to a week for your attendance to be updated on moodle.

"Where can I get information about the Coronavirus?"

DBS continues to monitor the situation carefully and is sending regular e-mail updates to students. You can also get full information from the HSE website.

"What happens if a DBS student or staff member is in contact with someone with Coronavirus?"

The HSE is carrying out out contact tracing of all individuals who may have come into casual or close contact with a diagnosed patient. You will only be contacted directly by the HSE if you fall into this category. You will be advised by the HSE on what actions to take. Please advise dbs-facilities If you have been contacted by the HSE.   

“What is the risk of catching Coronavirus in Ireland?”

The risk of catching coronavirus in Ireland is still low to moderate. This may change.

Follow the advice on how to protect yourself from coronavirus.

" I have being advised by my GP to self-isolate, who should I inform?"

Students who have being advised to self-isolate should e-mail DBS- facilities immediately.

"Where can I find up to date information from the College?"

DBS will continue to issue updates to staff and students via e-mail and video. All updates are also published on DBS Current Students News

“Am I eligible for COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment?"

If you have being made unemployed or have had your hours of work reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic you may be entitled to this social welfare payment. Students are eligible, however you cannot claim this assistance if you are abroad. Please click here for full information and to check if you are eligible.

“I have recently returned from travelling abroad- what should I do?”

Updated 16 March 2020 19:28: All persons, including Irish residents, entering the country from overseas, should restrict movements for 14 days if asymptomatic (showing no symptoms). You will need to self-quarantine for 14 days. 

"I have come into contact with someone with Coronavirus, what do I do?"

In the normal course, if someone is tested positive in Ireland, the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) traces the contacts of the infected person. If you have not being contacted by the HSE, and have being in contact with someone who has being diagnosed with Coronavirus, please do the following:
  • Self isolate for 2 weeks, and if you develop any symptoms, call a local doctor and talk to them about your symptoms. They will advise if you need a test. 

  • Camden Medical Ph: 01 4536636
  • Aungier Street Medical Centre Ph: 01 4005708
Please be sure to maintain good personal hygiene where you are living with others, and to maintain social distance.   There are very important to slow the spread of the virus.

It is important to remember that according to the HSE, "The risk of catching coronavirus in Ireland is still low to moderate."

"What are the stay at home guidelines?"

  • On March 27th 2020 the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), Leo Varadkar, and Minister for Health, Simon Harris, issued strict guidelines for people to stay at home.

    The main rule is to STAY AT HOME. The only times you can leave your home are:

  • to travel to or from work if you are providing an essential service.
  • to shop for food
  • to collect medical prescriptions and medical supplies and attend medical appointments
  • to carry out vital services like caring (including family carers)
  • for brief individual exercise - within 2 kilometres of your house.
  • public transport and passenger travel isrestricted to those who are buying food or medicines, carers, going to medical appointments and essential workers.

     If this situation changes DBS will notify students immediately. Please also watch for public announcements. 

  “Who is at risk of developing severe illness?”

While there is more to learn about how the coronavirus affects people, thus far, older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease) appear to be more at risk of developing severe disease.

“How can I minimise the spread of the virus?”

In order to minimise the spread of the coronavirus you should remember the importance of good personal hygiene. Remember to regularly wash your hands and, if you cough or sneeze, please use a tissue. Observing this advice about coughing and sneezing etiquette is particularly important in preventing the spread of any respiratory illness, even the common cold.

“What if I live with someone who has tested positive for covid-19?”

Please follow the suggested guidelines for restricted movement and self-isolation from the HSE -HSE GUIDE

Useful Contacts:

  • Camden Medical Ph: 01 4536636
  • Aungier Street Medical Centre Ph: 01 4005708
  • Study and Protect_for students with Study and Protect Policies
    • Instagram: @studyandprotect
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      Student WhatsApp Service: 0833788124
      For those students who contract the virus or develop systems, they can easily contact us on our designated WhatsApp number. Here students can obtain immediate advice and request further assistance where necessary.