Repeat Assignments

The Quality Assurance Handbook outlines the Repeat Assessment Policy in Section 8.4. The QAH is available under the Policies and Procedures page on the website HERE.

The Exams Office hosts repeat exams for students who Failed or Deferred their earlier sitting. The Repeat Exam Timetables are published on the Exam Timetables page.

The lecturer will provide the Repeat Assignment details for students on their Moodle page.

  • Please check Moodle for Repeat Assignments.
  • If you do not have access to the Moodle page, contact your Programme Coordinator to confirm what is required to gain access to the Moodle page again.

Repeat opportunities may carry a Repeat Re-Registration fee. Queries regarding these fees can be directed to the Accounts Office, and your Programme Coordinator.

The following fee structure applies for repeat exams:
1 Module: €100
2 Modules: €200
3 or more Modules: €250
Fees need to be cleared before the release of results


If you are repeating your assessments, be aware that there is a limited number of opportunities to complete a module successfully. This is typically limited to four opportunities, although some modules (e.g. Dissertation) offer fewer opportunities. Students who Exhaust their Opportunities will be Withdrawn from their programme.

  • Opportunities are considered to be when an Assessment is scheduled - if you do not sit an exam, or submit an assignment, it is still considered to be an attempt unless a deferral is approved (refer to the FAQs HERE for more information on Extensions and Deferrals). Non-engagement on repeat opportunities may result in being Withdrawn for Exhausted Opportunities.


Assessment Regulations - Capped Awards

Standard module regulations mean that a module that is passed on a repeat attempt (rather than a deferred attempt that is still a first sitting) is capped at 40%. If a module at Award Stage is passed on a repeat attempt, the overall programme award may be capped at a PASS award (please refer to your Programme Coordinator to confirm which modules are Award Stage, and if this regulation applies, on your programme).