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Covid-19 and Failed Modules

As the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of College buildings and disruption to the ordinary teaching and assessment processes, the College is aware that these circumstances may have negatively impacted student performance in the second semester. While the College cannot accommodate progression outside of the standard Assessment Regulations relevant to each programme, the College is applying a No Disadvantage principle to students who have failed a semester two module (i.e. those where major assessments were undertaken since the disruption of the ordinary delivery of teaching and assessment).

The No Disadvantage principle applied primarily to assessments in semester two. Repeat or deferred assessments undertaken in semester three/ the repeat period will be considered on a case by case basis.

The No Disadvantage principle will allow students to resit the non-passing assessments in the next semester/ repeat period, without applying the normal capped module grade (and for Award Stage students, without applying the normal overall Award capping).
This application of the No Disadvantage principle will appear on students' results as a deferral of the failed assessment.
There may be exceptions to this principle being applied, where individual cases are found to require additional consideration, such as long term non-engagement prior to the lockdown, academic misconduct, etc.

What do I need to repeat?



Overall Result

Above 40

Under 40

Under 40

Need to repeat Exam

Under 40

Above 40

Under 40

Need to repeat CA

Under 40

Above 40

Above 40

No repeat required

Above 40

Under 40

Above 40

No repeat required

Under 40

Under 40

Under 40

Need to repeat Exam and CA

Between 35 - 39

May be eligible for PC* contact Exams Office

*Master’s students are not eligible for Pass by compensation

What now?

Meet to discuss your results

We will be available for you to discuss any queries you have regarding your results and the next steps.

The Exams Office can be contacted by email (exams@dbs.ie).

How do I register for my repeats? 

At present, there is no need to register for your repeat exams. This is done automatically for you by the College, through the re-registration process for the new academic year. However, if you are unable to attend or complete your repeat assessment or exam, you must contact your Programme Coordinator.

Are there fees?

If you fail a written exam, either in class or end of term, you will be liable for the repeat fees as per below. These fees must be paid before the release of results. Queries regarding these fees can be directed to the Accounts Office, and your Programme Coordinator. 
Currently, CAs do not incur a repeat fee.

  • 1 Module: €100
  • 2 Modules: €200
  • 3 or more Modules: €250
Repeating Dissertation/ Final Project:
  • Level 7/8 (BA/ BA Hons): €800
  • Level 8 (Higher Diploma): €1,500 [for students commencing on/after Jan2019]
  • Level 9: €2,000 [for students commencing on/after Sept2019]
Repeat Exam Administration and Repeat Module with Attendance Fees Guide

Exam Timetable
The timetable for repeats can be accessed at www.dbs.ie. Repeat Arts, Undergraduate Business, and Postgraduate Business assessments will be hosted in the new academic year.

Past Exam papers

Past papers can be found on Moodle.

Repeat Assignments

  • Your repeat assignment(s) will available through Moodle. 
    • If you do not have access to the Moodle page, contact your Programme Coordinator to confirm what is required to gain access to the Moodle page again.
  • If there is an in class test required, this will need to be managed by the lecturer.
  • If you need to repeat a written examination, the timetable will be released in the new academic year, and can be accessed at www.dbs.ie

Library Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday - 09:00 to 22:00
Friday - Saturday - 09:00 to 17:00
Sunday - Closed

Consult the Library Calendar for up-to-date information on opening hours.

Student Experience 

If you have any Student Welfare or International queries, Student Services can be contacted via email at student.services@dbs.ie.
IT Service Desk and Programme Coordinators are located on the 2nd floor of Castle House at reception.

Student Support/SESU
Sarah Sharkey, Student Engagement Officer, is available should you have exam queries. Sarah can be contacted via email at sesu@dbs.ie.  

Health & Wellbeing 

Check out the information and support available to you on the Student Welfare Office page.

Exams Verification's and Appeals

All requests must be within 7 working days of the release of results. 

Discussion of Examination Scripts Policy (QAH Section B.5.7)
A member of the Exams Office, or the relevant lecturer where available, will accompany the student while viewing scripts. Students cannot write on the scripts, and scripts cannot be made available for viewing online.

Script Viewing sessions can only be accommodated within the Exams Office's opening hours Application to View Scripts Form

Verification of Results Policy (QAH Section B.5.9)
A Verification is the re-checking of the accuracy of the calculation and recording of marks, not a re-grade. Verification of Results Form

Appeals Policy (QAH Section B.3.5)
The Appeals Policy is to afford learners the opportunity to appeal the decision of an academic decision-making committee (e.g. Academic Impropriety Committee, Examinations Board grade finalisation). This does not apply to appeals against a Complaint Committee.

Disagreement with an assessment decision is not considered grounds for appeal. An appeal is not a re-grade. Appeals Form

Quality Assurance Handbook

The Quality Assurance Handbook outlines the Repeat Assessment Policy in Section 8.4. The QAH is available under the Policies and Procedures page on the website HERE.

Assessment Opportunities
If you are repeating your assessments, be aware that there is a limited number of opportunities to complete a module successfully. This is typically limited to four opportunities, although some modules (e.g. Dissertation) offer fewer opportunities. Students who Exhaust their Opportunities will be Withdrawn from their programme.
  • Opportunities are considered to be when an Assessment is scheduled - if you do not sit an exam, or submit an assignment, it is still considered to be an attempt unless a deferral is approved (refer to the FAQs HERE for more information on Extensions and Deferrals). Non-engagement on repeat opportunities may result in being Withdrawn for Exhausted Opportunities.


Assessment Regulations - Capped Awards

Standard module regulations mean that a module that is passed on a repeat attempt (rather than a deferred attempt that is still a first sitting) is capped at 40%. If a module at Award Stage is passed on a repeat attempt, the overall programme award may be capped at a PASS award (please refer to your Programme Coordinator to confirm which modules are Award Stage, and if this regulation applies, on your programme).