Covid 19

What will my timetable be like from September 2020 due to social distancing requirements?

We are working on finalising timetables for September and hope to release them in early August. They will all take social distancing into account and will have an element of in house and online teaching. In most cases, while one group are in class, another group will have to watch live broadcasts of the class remotely. This scenario will switch around for each group on alternating weeks. 
Some days, all classes may be online, however, we are aiming to minimise this as much as possible.
A sample schedule, which will need to be viewed in conjunction with a programme timetable, when available, can be viewed here. In this example, the class size is 30 students, hence the need to break into 3 groups, i.e. each group will only be in for a full week teaching once every 3 weeks. Smaller groups might be in every 2nd week. Exact details per programme will be released in late August.

Will I have to wear a face covering on campus?

You will be required to wear a face covering in some circumstances while on campus, as follows

  • In high traffic common areas such as at entrances, in corridors and stairwells

  • In a lift

  • In IT labs where students will be sitting between 1 and 2 metres apart


When will I know what days/weeks I am in class versus the weeks when I will be attending classes online?

We hope to release this information in early September. However, there is an enormous amount of work involved in getting this ready and we would ask for understanding from you due to the extremely difficult circumstances involved.

Will all lectures be available online at the same time as the classroom lecture?

Yes, with a slight delay, (<1 minute)

How do I get my lectures online?

You will access the online classes via Moodle.


Will all lectures be recorded and available after the live delivery?

Yes, other than a small number of modules where the content or discussion in the class is sensitive and unsuitable for recording.

I (or my close family member(s)) have a health condition which puts me at a greater risk of infection. What are my options?

Please complete this form and we will contact you directly.

I am an International student who travelled home during the summer break. I am unable to return, what are my options?

You can take your classes live online at the scheduled time during the first semester. If you remain an online student beyond the first semester you will lose your right to a stayback visa after you graduate.


I am an International student who travelled home during the summer break. Do I need to return or can I attend online?

You can attend online but there are implications. Please see the question above






The policies and procedures that govern the running of DBS programmes are located within our Quality Assurance Handbook, located here: https://students.dbs.ie/registrar-office/qah We encourage all students to familiarise themselves with the QAH linked above, especially regarding assessment, grading, assignment submission and learner conduct. 

I cannot sit an exam/I cannot submit my assignment on time:

If you miss an exam, PMC (Personal Mitigating Circumstances) form must be completed and emailed to your Programme Coordinator, along with supporting documentation such as a medical certificate, or something equivalent. This documentation should be sent before the examination date. 

If you are late submitting an assignment, an Assignment Extension Request form must be completed and emailed to your Programme Coordinator, along with supporting documentation such as a medical certificate, or something equivalent. This documentation should be received prior to the submission deadline.

PMC/Assignment Extension requests should never be assumed to be approved until written notice has been sent to you. 

What grade do I need to pass a module?

The overall module result must be 40% or higher to be considered "passed". You can view your overall module result at https://elearning.dbs.ie/exams_results.php If you are unsure, contact your Programme Coordinator. 

What is the procedure to repeat an assignment or an exam?

You will be automatically enrolled to repeat any failed exam / assignment. Please note the relevant fee for repeats. Typically repeats take place during the summer (July-August). The repeat exam dates are available on the exams office website

Where can I find my timetable for my classes?

Each student can download the Outlook App in order to view their personal timetable on their own device. Instructions for using the Outlook App can be found in the FAQ section of the Service Desk https://servicedesk.dbs.ie

Timetables can also be viewed using the following link here

How do I enquire about changing my course?

Click here to request a course change. Please note a change of course mid stage through an academic year (or 2 weeks after the start date of a programme) cannot be accommodated.

I want to change or de-register a module

Contact your Programme Coordinator to change or de-register a module. Please note there is a strict two-week window at the start of each semester in which you can change your modules. After this two-week window has elapsed, it will not be possible to change your modules.


Letter Requests: 

Letters can be downloaded from your student dashboard: https://students.dbs.ie/dashboard/dashboard-self-service The letter will be emailed to your DBS account instantly. These letters are tailored for opening a bank letter, for a PPSN appointment and to confirm your enrollment in DBS. 

I am an international student and I need letters for my visa extension, for new accommodation, and to open a new bank account. Where do I get these from?

Please use our self service option in your Student Dashboard. Other letters may be requested through your student service desk by clicking here. All letters will be processed within 3 working days. 

I need a copy of my transcript of results

Your transcript can be downloaded from your student dashboard at www.students.dbs.ie. Ensure that you log in and click on the tile for "My Transcript". 

Where do I find the Academic Calendars?

Academic Calendars are available by clicking here Please check this for the holiday periods, exam sessions and readings weeks scheduled each year. Do not book any holidays during the exam periods.

How do I update my personal details?

You can change your name, address and update your PPSN through your student dashboard under “Personal Details”. This allows you to update two address types.
Your term time address which is the address that you reside in while attending classes. 
You can also update your permanent address which is the home address which your normally reside at on a permanent basis if different from the above. 

I have lost my Student Card, where do I get a new one?

Click here to request a replacement Student Card. Please note there is a fee of €10 for replacing lost cards (within 5 working days).

Attendance Monitoring

Attendance is monitored by scanning your student card against the card readers in the classroom before class. Manual attendance may be taken by your lecturer also where card readers are not available. 

If your attendance has been noted incorrectly, you can either contact the lecturer during class or your Programme Coordinator after class. 

If you are absent from class and qualify for PMC circumstances (please refer to the Quality Assurance Handbook) submit a form to your Programme Coordinator along with your documentation. 

How do I contact a staff member?

If you wish to call a staff member, please call reception on 01 4177500 and they can transfer you. Alternatively, if you want to email a staff member, use the following format: firstname.lastname@dbs.ie

I need a receipt of fees paid, how can I get one issued?

Click here to request a receipt of fees. Please note that these are only processed on Friday of every week, and are posted to you to arrive within 5 working days.

How do I get a PPS Number? 

Outlined below are the various steps required to obtain a PPSN. http://www.welfare.ie/en/Pages/Personal-Public-Service-Number-How-to-Apply.aspx
Letters for PPSN available in your Student Dashboard

Misc Queries:

I want to get involved with a student society. Who do I need to talk to?

Click here for links to student services where you will find more information on the clubs, society and events ran for students throughout the year.

Who can I talk to for Careers Advice and help with my C.V.?

Please contact the Careers Team who will be delighted to help. 

I am having some problems accessing Moodle.

Please phone IT 01-4177-573.

A computer is not working, what should I do?

If there is a problem with any of the computers that you are working on, it is important to report it to the IT Department, you can phone 01-4177-573.

Where can I find directions to DBS Buildings?

The full list of buildings, directions and door codes are located here.

Where can I park my car?

Parking is available at Drury Street Car Park.  

Daytime Rate - Max €10 - Please note that the Daytime Student Rate will increase from €2.00 per hour to €2.50 per hour from 1st Feb 2020. 
Monday - Saturday 7:30am to 1am

Evening Rate - €2.50
Monday to Saturday 4:30pm to 1am

Sunday Rate - Max €10
11am to 9pm

To avail of these rates you must validate your ticket, by punching a hole in the ticket in the machine located at our Security Desks. Payment can then be made at the ticket machines in the car park.