Online Exams - Frequently Asked Questions

As we move to host our traditional exams online due to the Covid-19 situation, we have set out guidance regarding what to expect, please refer to the Online Exams webpage.


What does the Exams Office do?

The Examination Office centrally administers the examination process, in relation to programmes delivered by Dublin Business School (DBS). The overarching aim of the Examinations Office is to provide an efficient and effective service, to both our student population and staff across the breadth of our organisation.
The Examination Office is principally concerned with the effective timetabling of all exams within DBS. Our remit also includes:
  • Providing suitable venues for students to complete examinations.
  • Providing alternative examination venues for students with disabilities.
  • Scheduling and timetabling examinations.
  • Printing, security and distribution of examination papers.
  • Compilation and issuing of exam results to students.
  • Training and managing our Invigilation team and External Examiners.
  • The organisation of Examination Board meetings.
  • Supporting the timely flow of information to students and staff.

Other examination related queries for : ACCA / DBS & ICM Diplomas should be directed to the Professional School +353-(01)-4177500


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Repeat Exam Administration Fees

Repeat Exams will incur an administrative fee as per the Repeat Exam Administration Fees Policy.
Fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable.

Assessment Regulations

The Assessment Regulations which apply to programmes offered by DBS are outlined in the Quality Assurance Handbook (available HERE). 

Academic Impropriety Policy (QAH Section B.3.3)

Academic Impropriety (which includes Plagiarism and Cheating) is taken very seriously by the college, and students are expected to familiarise themselves with these policies and regulations to adhere to the academic requirements of their programme.
Further information around PlagiarismReferencing and Academic Writing can be found from the Library.

Online Student Forms:

Request Duplicate Transcripts
Duplicate transcripts can take 5-7 working days to provide, and will be emailed to the email address provided on the form. A charge will be imposed, please refer to the Request for Transcript Policy.

Personal Mitigating Circumstances Form (Ticketing System)
If circumstances have impacted a student's ability to undertake an assessment (such as an exam), requiring them to defer the opportunity, a PMC form must be submitted with supporting documentation to request this. Deferrals cannot be processed without this documentation, and are still subject to approval before these can be processed.

PMC forms must be submitted by no later than 7 days following the original assessment opportunity.

Assignment Extension Request Form (Ticketing System)
If circumstances have impacted a student's ability to complete an assignment on time (but a short additional time period is sufficient to complete the assignment), an Assignment Extension Request Form is required, with supporting documentation, for review and approval. An Extension cannot be granted without this documentation, and a Late Penalty will be applied as appropriate.
Assignment Extension Requests must be submitted no later than 7 days following the original deadline.

Verification of Results, Appeals & Requests to View Scripts

Verification of Results / Appeals Forms / Request to View Scripts must be submitted within 7 working days of release of results on Student Intranet / Notice Boards

Appeals Policy (QAH Section B.3.5)
The Appeals Policy is to afford learners the opportunity to appeal the decision of an academic decision-making committee (e.g. Academic Impropriety Committee, Examinations Board grade finalisation). This does not apply to appeals against a Complaint Committee.
Disagreement with an assessment decision is not considered grounds for appeal. An appeal is not a re-grade.
Appeals Form
Verification of Results Policy (QAH Section B.5.9)
A Verification is the re-checking of the accuracy of the calculation and recording of marks, not a re-grade.
Verification of Results Form

Discussion of Examination Scripts Policy (QAH Section B.5.7)
A member of the Exams Office, or the relevant lecturer where available, will accompany the student while viewing scripts. Students cannot write on the scripts, and scripts cannot be made available for viewing online.
Script Viewing sessions can only be accommodated within the Exams Office's opening hours (please see above)
Application to View Scripts Form

Education Verification (external agencies)

Companies or agencies seeking an education verification for a candidate must lodge a request in writing to [email protected]
Education Verification requests may take up to 10 working days (or longer during busy periods) to be processed.
Important to note:

  • DBS does not provide information to any third parties without signed consent from the candidate
  • There is a processing fee for these verifications (please click here for details), which can be paid by contacting the Accounts Office, or through our ONLINE PAYMENT PORTAL.


Replacement Parchments

For QQI-accredited programmes, DBS does not issue the parchment of the award. These are issued by QQI. If you require a replacement parchment from QQI, you will need to make this request through their website HERE.
If you require a replacement parchment from a programme accredited by LJMU, you must lodge this request through their website HERE.